Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 336

The Boott Mills seen from Centralville  /  Lowell, Massachusetts, 1989 -Photograph  © John Suiter – see “Kerouac’s Lowell – A Life On The Concord and Merrimack Rivers

Just a reminder that it’s Kerouac celebrations in his home-town of Lowell this weekend. Festivities have already begun, but plenty’s still happening –  you can see the full-schedule (all the events taking place over this weekend, and into next week) – here.

Jack Kerouac

And also from last week’s Round-Up – (following on, and as part of, theBig Beat Night“) – the Lawrence Ferlinghetti exhibit in Brescia (Museo di Santa Giulia) will officially be opening

Elsewhere in Italy..  Allen’s photography continues, quietly, to disseminate.

Here’s notice of a current show taking place in Sicily

Meanwhile from France -news of a new book by Gilles Farcet (author of Allen Ginsberg, poète et bodhisattva Beat (2004) –  La joie qui avance chancelante le long de la rueBeat (he defines it through his character, Hank) – “(cette) pulsation sourde, insidieuse, cette pulsation qui imprègne tout et te paraît naturelle”

Anne Waldman and  Gilles Farcet at the fiEstival maelstrom reevolution in Brussels in May 2017. Photo:  John Sellekaers

Oh and did we mention this radio-broadcast? –  here

Big news of the week, however – the publication of Allen’s Collected Poems in China!  (see our note of a couple of weeks back).  Here’s what it looks like. There’ll be more on this and on the impact of this translation (naturally) to follow 

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  1. Thanks for mentionning La Joie qui avanche chancelante le long de la rue, a story in which Allen is a key character, with important events taking place in his kitchen at East 12th Street Second Avenue. It was an honour and a joyous occasion meeting Anne Waldmann in Brussels at the Maeslstrom festival. She was exquisitely kind and helpful , reading Allen’s Who be kind to at the end of our presentation. And, yes, the broadcast on France Culture was a significant opportunity to share memories and conjur up Allen’ s presence in Paris. The last time I actually met him physically was in Paris, in an apartment next to the Moulin Rouge… Congratulations for the website, keep on the good work, keep the Beat, in English, French and beyond all languages. Gilles Farcet

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