Pattern Poems – 2 (Dylan Thomas)

[Portrait of Dylan Thomas (circa 23 years old) by Augustus John

AG; So Dylan Thomas did them even funnier – [Editorial note – “pattern poems” in Vision and Prayer  (1945)] –   He’s got one that (goes)…   “I turn the corner of prayer and. burn/ In a blessing of the sudden/ Sun. In the name of the damned/ I would turn back and run/ To the hidden land/ But the loud sun/ Christens down/ The sky./ I..” –   ( so, there’s just one little bar-line in the middle –  “I’) – “Am found./ O let him/ Scald me and drown/ Me in his world’s wound/. His lightning answers my/ Cry. My voice burns in his hand./ Now I am lost in the blinding/ One. The sun roars at the prayer’s end.” –  (That’s a good one, that’s a real Dylan Thomas poem. I don’t know of you know that but it’s a really good piece of sound too).

Then the other one here – this one has the middle word “No” – and the next line is “Now or” – or the last line is ” – “Now or/ No” – and the next one is “One to/ Be I pray” – “No/  One to/  Be I pray”

This is a weird. really interesting one. And so the middle word is “Ways”  (that’s the shortest word in the thing- “Ways”) – “Forever falling, night is a  known/Star and country to the legion/Of sleepers whose tongue I toll/To mourn his deluging/Light through sea and soil/And we have come/ To know all/Places/Ways/Mazes/Passages/Quarters and graves/Of the endless fall./Now common lazarus/Of the charting sleepers prays/Never to awake and arise/For the country of death is the heart’s size.” – (it’s just that “To know all/ Places/. Ways/, Mazes,/ Passages” – and he arranged it so it would look like the center of this)

And then this one has got in the center  – “rock” – “That he let the died lie…” – So I guess this is maybe.. I don’t know, direction? – “That he let the dead lie though they moan/For his briared hands to hoist them/To the shrine of his world’s wound/And the blood drop’s garden/Endure the stone/Blind host to sleep/In the dark/And deep/Rock/Awake/No heart bone/But let it break/On the mountain crown/Unbidden by the sun/And the beating dust be blown/Down to the river rooting plain/Under the night forever falling.”

(So..I like.. One is “rock”,  one is “waves”, one is eye”, one is “for”, one is “from”)

These are… (I’ll give you)  one of the diamond ones that’s nice  –

The/ Born sea/Praised the sun/The finding one/And upright Adam/Sang upon origin!/O the wings of the children!/The woundward flight of the ancient/Young from the canyons of oblivion!/The sky stride of the always slain/ in battle! the happening/Of saints to their vision!/The world winding home!/And the whole pain/Flows open/ And I/Die.” – That’s good. That’s.. I remember..  I haven’t read that in years, but it”s pretty… I’ll read it, just for sense – [Allen reads it again]  “The Born sea/ Praised the sun…””…Flows poem/And I/Die.” – (That’s a very good.. It’s a real mystical statement  -if you’re,, if you’re..)

Oh yeah, this one actually was the best of the diamonds, or, sort of like a whirlwind thing (and the image is a whirlwind) _ “In/ The spin/ Of the sun/In the spuming/ Cyclone of his wing/ For I was lost who am/Crying at the man drenched throne/In the first fury of his stream/And the lightnings of adoration/Back to black silence melt and mourn/For I was lost who have come/To dumbfounding haven/And the finding one/And the high noon/Of his wound/Binds my/Cry.” – (so it’s like this whirlwind, and at the center you get. “the spuming/Cyclone of hs wing”  When you read it it looks like it’s turning round and round like a Cyclone thing.. It’s got….

So he’s found some little equivalent – Eye-a-monopoeia!  Eyeball-monopoeia.  Those are pretty good poems.

]Audio for the above can  be heard here, begining at approximately eighty-five-and-a-quarter minutes in and concluding at approximately ninety minutes in]

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