July 19 (Mayakovsky’s Birthday)

Vladimir Mayakovsky (1893-1930)

Today, July 19, the great poet, Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky, was born in Baghdati, Georgia. We’ve featured Mayakovsky numerous times here on the Allen Ginsberg Project. For example, here and here.

The fourteen-part series, Allen’s 1981 focus (with in-class presentation by Ann Charters)  begins here, and continues  here, here and here  (Expansive Poetry) .

Further posts  here (Akhmatova and Mayakovsky),  here (Mayakovsky on Esenin), here (Mayakovsky and Mandelstam), here (“The Bedbug”), here (“At The Top of My Voice“), here (Mayakovsky and the Revolution), here (Mayakovsky and Lili Brik).,,, The series (and Naropa class) concludes here,

Alexander Rodchenko, Photomontage for Vladimir Mayakovsky’s Conversations with a Tax Collector About Poetry (1926)

2022 update – Remembering his cautionary and prophetic 1926 poem, “Долг Украине” ((‘Dolg Ukraine”)  “Debt to Ukraine” –  “It’s hard/ to crush/ people into one/ Don’t/ be too proud of yourself”  (Трудно/людей/в одно истолочь/собой/кичись не очень..”)

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