Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 324

For all you sticklers for detail out there, Sunday July 17, Allen’s appearance with Sopwith Camel, was in 1966. The following year (1967) found him in London, speaking at Steven Abrams‘ “Legalize Pot Rally”. Barry Miles was inevitably there. There weren’t too many classic moments of the “Sixties when Miles wasn’t  present!  Miles’ 2002  memoir, “In The Sixties” just got re-issued in a profuse illustrated edition – see here.

And speaking of the ‘Sixties counter-culture in England, look out also for this – (and the resulting exhibition – “The British Underground Press of the Sixties” (opening in September))

Saluting the Underground Press.  In San Francisco, of course, “Summer of Love“,  there was the remarkable San Francisco Oracle 

Salutary reading – Geoffrey Rips 1981 article – “The Campaign Against The Underground Press” . 

Nice dual-review of Michael Schumacher’s First Thought – Conversations With Allen Ginsberg and Bill Morgan’s The Best Minds of My Generation – A Literary History of the Beats in the current issue of  The Gay & Lesbian Review .

From Philip Gambone’s sensitive observations:

“Ginsberg perennially aimed for “a deepening of heart rather than a shallowness of heart.” These two volumes reaffirm that radical, and necessary, humanity. His message—that “only with basic friendliness would it be possible for a nation to create a political world that was livable”—is as sorely needed today as it was during the heyday of the Beats.”

Hey, today it’s  Bastille Day – and Woody Guthrie’s birthday

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