Cherry Blues

Samuel Palmer – In A Shoreham Garden

Cherry Blossom Season but we’re pretty certain that that colorful moment isn’t quite the kind of “cherry” that Allen’s talking about here.  (Plus, that  “Heart Failure” – ( “noisy Cherry got Heart Failure Blues”)  –  Old Age and Youth lying down together  (“Heart Failure & Cherry, Cherry in my bed”).  It’s one of the more obscure items from Allen’s  voluminous catalog, but, hey, why not.


Cherry in Boulder, Cherry in San Francisco too/Cherry Boulder. old Cherry San Francisco too/But Cherry Boulder trembles more than Seattle do.

Cherry in Seattle, Cherry Los Angeles/Still Cherry in Seattle, Cherry Los Angeles/Trembling Cherry Boulder brings me to my knees

Heart Failure & Cherry, Cherry in my bed/Cherry maybe Amsterdam, Cherry in my head/Stick up the Cherry when my body’s dead.

Cherry in N.Y., Cherry Cherry treats me fine/Lay me old and passive, Cherry bump and grind/Heart failure and Cherry, Cherry on my mind

Cherry Cherry lives and dies, Cherry goes up and down/Cherry walks on Main Street, Cherry stays underground/Cherry made a lot of noise, never made a sound.

Cherry Cherry ectoplasm Cherry jizzum too/Looks like pretty Cherry I’ll come all over you/Cherry Cherry, noisy Cherry got Heart Failure Blues.

Joe Brainard – Untitled (Cherry) (1978) mixed-media collage 6″‘ x 4″ – courtesy Tibor de Nagy Gallery, New York

One comment

  1. Cherry cherry red spaghetti
    Cheery cherry upside down
    Cheery cherry on the ground
    Cheery cherry, cherry red
    Never made a sound
    When the cherry hit the ground

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