The Beat Generation – A Literary History (1953-1957)

Tomorrow is the official publication date of the new Ginsberg tome The Best Minds of My Generation – A  Literary History of The Beats edited by Bill Morgan.

April 13, on this day, thirty-five years ago, in Boulder, “in preparation for this summer’s Great ON THE ROAD festival”  (the twenty-five year celebration of Kerouac’s great enduring masterpiece) – “One and only time! Never before done and probably never after! An historic occasion!” – (Allen beats the drums!) –  “The Beat Generation – A Literary History (1953-1957)”, an eight-week course taught by Ginsberg, featuring himself,  (Gregory) Corso,  (William) Burroughs, and  (Jack) Kerouac, with a strict focus on that specific time-frame.

$100 non-credit, it says on the poster. Now there was a bargain!

Audio record of this series of lectures can be found here

The particular April 13, 1982 class, herein announced, may be accessed  here 

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