Allen Ginsberg Parinirvana

Allen Ginsberg, Boulder Colorado, June 1994. photo c. Steve Miles.  AH Mantra Calligraphy (for Allen Ginsberg), Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. ca 1980

Allen Ginsberg died 20 years ago today.


  1. I ‘Howl’ with respect for one of the greatest Beat poets ever. Oh to be in that time…in that circle with all of those Boho geniuses, drinkin’ and smoking with an occasional snort out of the tube listening to jazz and smelling the Bay on a balmy night in North Beach. Rappin’ with Neil about everything, and diggin’ the scene with a ragged joint twixt my shakey fingers then a crazy road trip up to Stinson Beach where we drag our drunken asses out onto the cool damp sand closing our eyes to the sound of the surf that fills our ears like the sound of eternity…….Cool Daddy-O. Rest in Peace, Little Buddha. AUM

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