Corso (& Whitman)

[Gregory Corso, 1993]

More Beat photo portfolios. Today, March 26, would have been the 87th birthday of the rambunctious Gregory Corso.

[Gregory Corso, New York City, 1953 – Photography by Allen Ginsberg]

[Gregory Corso at the Beat Hotel, Paris, 1958 – Photograph by Harold Chapman]

[Gregory Corso, making a call in the White Horse Tavern, New York City, February 1959 –  Fred W. McDarrah – Photo Courtesy Estate of Fred W, McDarrah]

[Gregory Corso in front of the Parthenon, Athens, 1959. Photograph by James Burke]

[Gregory Corso, Tangier, July 1961. Photograph by Allen Ginsberg]

[Gregory Corso at the Royal Albert Hall, London, 1965 (a still from Peter Whitehead’s film, Wholly Communion]

[Gregory Corso at Salem State College, Salem, Mass, 1973]

[Gregory Corso, Boulder, Colorado, 1974. Photograph by Rachel Homer]

[Gregory Corso at the Marin Headlands, 1978. Photograph by Larry Keenan]

[Gregory Corso, Amsterdam, 1979. Photograph by Ira Cohen]

[Gregory Corso, Boulder, Colorado, 1985. Photograph by Allen Ginsberg]

[Gregory Corso, Lowell, Massachusetts, 1986. Photograph by Allen Ginsberg]

[Gregory Corso, New York City, 1986. Photograph by Hank O’Neal]

[Gregory Corso, New York City, 1996. Photograph by Allen Ginsberg]

[W.Curtis Taylor (Broadbent & Taylor) Photographer – (Walt) Whitman With Butterfly (1877)]


Today was also the anniversary of the death (1892) of Walt Whitman

[Title page of Leaves of Grass (‘deathbed’ edition), with author’s note to the printer, 1892, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress]

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