William Burroughs Birthday (Booklist)

William Burroughs (1914-1997) – Photograph by Allen Ginsberg

William Burroughs Birthday today

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We’ve been serializing (indeed, are in the midst of serializing) Williams 1980 lectures on “Creative Reading”  (see the last installment – here) ”

“Creative Reading” comes off a book-list that Burroughs’ constructed of “Recommended Books”, “Books off the Beaten Path”. (With thanks to Avil Beckford)  here is his list of 27 fiction titles

Two Serious Ladies –  Jane Bowles
Let It Come Down – Paul Bowles
The Sheltering Sky, Paul Bowles
Nightwood  – Djuna Barnes
The Pilgrim on the Earth, Julien Green
If I Were You, Julien Green
The Green Hat  – Michael Arlen
Cain’s Book –  Alexander Trocchi                                                                                                           A  Short Trip Home –  F.Scott Fitzgerald  (included in The Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald – A New Collection – Head and Shoulders; Bernice Bobs Her Hair; The Ice Palace; The Offshore Pirate; May Day; The Jelly Bean; The Curious Case of Benjamin Button; The Diamond as Big as the Ritz; Winter Dreams)
The House and the Brain, A Truly Terrifying Tale – (Paranormal Parlor, A Weiser Books Collection) – Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton
The Snows of Kilimanjaro and Other Stories –  Ernest Hemingway
The Shining –  Stephen King
The Godfather  – Mario Puzo
Jaws: A Novel – Peter Benchley
The Day of the Jackal – Frederick Forsyth
Dogs of War – Frederick Forsyth
The Magus – John Fowles
Interview with the Vampire – Anne Rice
The Nightcomers –  Michael Hastings
Beat Not the Bones – Charlotte Jay
Nightwings – Robert Silverberg
Destination Infinity (Fury) –  Henry Kuttner
Changeling Earth, Fred Saberhagen
Three to Conquer, Eric Frank Russell
Walk To End Of World –  Suzy McKee Charnas
The World Wreckers – Marion Zimmer Bradley
The Terminal Man  – Michael Crichton

And here are 12 non-fiction titles

The Gangs of New York – An Informal History of the Underworld – Herbert Asbury
Witch-Doctor’s Apprentice –  Hunting for Medicinal Plants in the Amazon – Nicole Maxwell
Keep the River on Your Right A Modern Cannibal Tale – Tobias Schneebaum
Science and Sanity: An Introduction to Non-Aristotelian Systems and General Semantics – , Alfred Korzybski – (abridged version (Selections from Science and Sanity).
An Experiment with Time  – J.W. Dunne
The Serial Universe – J.W.Dunne
In His Image: The Cloning of a Man – David Rorvik
As Man Becomes Machine – The Evolution of the Cyborg- David Rorvik
Brave New Baby; Promise and Peril of the Biological Revolution – David Rorvik
The Natural Way to Draw – A Working Plan for Art Study – Kimon Nicolaides
Journeys Out of the Body – Robert Monroe
You Can’t Win – Jack Black

Happy reading! – and happy birthday in eternity, William Burroughs!

ca. 1953, New York, New York, USA --- Vents, novel, 1946. --- Image by © Allen Ginsberg/CORBIS

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