Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 300

[“Ground Zero for the Beat Generation” – Unidentified Woman reading from “Howl” inside the 7 Arts Coffee Gallery in New York City, c.1957 – Photograph by Dave Heath]

No Friday-Round Up last week, so a little catch up today, starting with Sean Elder’s Gary Snyder interview, “National Treasure,” in Lion’s Roar.

 [Gary Snyder at the Center For Interfaith Relations’ 2014 Festival of Faiths: Sacred Earth, Sacred Self]

GS: “The first time I met Allen Ginsberg was at Rexroth’s house—Allen had just come up from Mexico. The first time I saw  Kerouac was when Allen brought him to Rexroth’s place. Because Allen was living in Berkeley, I saw more and more of him. Kenneth thought of both Jack and Allen as “talented jerks.”
SE: Was that his phrase or yours?
GS: I don’t remember. They weren’t quite grown up yet.”

Anne Waldman is just back from a triumphant visit to the Jaipur Literature Festival in India.  Read an interview with her here and another interview here.


[Anne Waldman reading at the 2017 Jaipur Literature Festival]

While we’re on the subject of poet-interviews, here‘s a recent interview with poet Jack Hirschman that the Las Vegas Weekly ran before his reading there last week.


[Jack Hirschman – Photograph by Marco Cinque]

Kerouac for kiddies? – Alison Flood opines on the dumbing-down phenomena of an  On The Road picture-book for children


Three years today since the passing of the great folk troubador, Pete Seeger


[Leroi Jones (Amiri Baraka) and Allen Ginsberg – Photograph by Dave Heath]

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