Breath Moves


AG: …However, it’s all shadow there, and so.. anyway, what we get from Samuel Daniel, page one-ninety –  Are there shadows that we see?/And can shadows pleasure give?/Pleasures only shadows be/Cast by bodies we conceive/And are made the things we deem/In those figures which they seem/ But these pleasures vanish fast /Which by shadows are expressed;/”Pleasures are not, if they last…” – What is beauty but a breath? – Pleasures are not if they last.

Pleasures aren’t pleasures if they last – they don’t exist unless they.. If they last, pleasures don’t exist, they’re on a breath – “Pleasures are not if they last/In their passing is their best./Glory is most bright and gay/In a flash, and so away./ Feed apace then, greedy eyes/On the wonder you behold;/Take it sudden as it flies,/Though you take it not to hold/ When your eyes have done their part/Thought must length it in the heart”

– That’s a pretty good drawing of breath back into thought into the heart

Well, I guess that might be (good) enough for this time. What we were… oh yes! – I have, one last thing, another breath, here – Plutonian Ode by Allen Ginsberg, 1978 – “I dare your Reality! I challenge your very being! I publish your cause and effect!/ I turn the Wheel of Mind on your three hundred tons!/Your name enters mankind’s ear!/I embosy your ultimate powers!/ My oratory advances on your vaunted Mystery! This breath dispels your braggart fears! I sing your form at last.. bla bla bla bla –  I call your name with hollow vowels, I psalm your Fate close by, my breath near deathless  ever at your side/ to Spell your destiny,…” . So that’s the same trick, the same Shelley-ian trick. You have to have confidence in your breath to do it. Okay..

[Audio for the above can be heard here, beginning at approximately seventy-two-and-three-quarter minutes in and concluding at approximately seventy-four-and-three-quarter minutes in]

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  1. But John Keats writes “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. In any case, time is probably an illusion, even the physicists say so!

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