Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 294

Jean-Jacques Lebel, co-curator of the ZKM Beat Generation show, giving an inaugural speech, following the ZKM’s Director Peter Weibel, in Karlsruhe on November 25 2016.


William S Burroughs – from Danger Series‘ – Portrait of William S Burroughs in front of the Théâtre Odeon – Brion Gysin (Naked Lunch series, Paris October, 1959

Allen Ginsberg and Gregory Corso – video-trailer for the Beat Generation at ZKM, Karlsruhe, November 2016


Jack Kerouac – still from video on show at Beat Generation at ZKM (Karlsruhe) – see above

Beat Generation at ZKM – Opening last weekend in Karlsruhe, Germany – Beat Generation, the second stage of the Beat Generation exhibition that premiered in Paris earlier this year. This smaller, revised version (curated by Jean-Jacques Lebel, Philippe-Alain Michaud and Peter Weibel will be up until April 30, 2017.  For more information on this unique and extraordinary presentation – see here.


The Cubalogues, Beat Writers in Revolutionary Havana. Todd F Tietchen. University Press of Florida (2010)

Allen and Fidel Castro.  In case you missed it – our August 2011 posting on Fidel’s 85th birthday (including an important focus on Prose Contribution To Cuban Revolution, Allen’s 1961 epistle/manifesto).


Allen Ginsberg, Prose Contribution to the Cuban Revolution. Detroit / Artists’ Workshop Press / 1966

And one more piece of Beat over-view that may have been missed – from 1959 (sic), CBC (from the archive of Canada’s radio ), CBC’s “Assignment” reporters present “a dispatch on (the phenomenon of) the Beat Generation” .Note the rare-for-its-time positive spin, and the  voice of Big Table magazine’s honcho, Irving Rosenthal.

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