A Post-Thanksgiving Elizabethan Reading List


Reading Assignments

AG: Well, okay, it’s about 9.30 almost. For next round, George Peele, page 183, George Peele – Writhe in “Hot sun, Cold fire”. Do we have any Robert Greene in our book? some Robert Greene.. Robert Southwell’s “Burning Babe” page 186..Samuel Daniel Care-Charmer Sleep“, 187…is it on there?… yeah “Care-Charmer Sleep”   Sonnet 45, page 188. Look them all over, look over Daniel – Sonnet 46 – “Authentic shall my verse in time to come..” – There is a…one other.. look over the (Thomas) Campion, which will be then in its place and Michael Drayton, page 195, Idea Sonnet no. 61 – Well, there’s a lot of nice things by Daniel, let’s see.. “Care-Charmer Sleep”. take a look on page 190. “Are They Shadows?” by Samuel Daniel – and “Love is A Sickness” by Samuel Daniel, and then by Drayton, on page 195, Sonnet number 61 – Then… and yeah, Shakespeare’s Sonnets – read all the little Shakespeare in here, all of the Shakespeare poems (just before Campion, Shakespeare is from page 212 to 224). Read up on Shakespeare, and you’ve read some Campion, so Shakespeare and Campion. And we’ll just run on through those. We’ll try and finish those by then and then go on to Donne and I’m going to try and race on ahead now and make a little more time, get through sixteenth- and seventeenth century.

{Audio for the above can be heard here  beginning at approximately thirty-five-and-three-quarter minutes in, and concluding at approximately thirty-eight-and-a-half minutes in]

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