Six Silver Poets

Fulke Greville

Sir Philip Sidney


George Peele

Robert Southwell

Samuel Daniel

Michael Drayton

AG: For the next session can you read  Fulke Greville.
Student: What page is that?
AG: Fulke Greville.  (And)..Well, page 171, some of  (Sir Philip) Sidney‘s Sonnets (176, 77)
Song by George Peele on page 183, Robert Southwell“The Burning Babe” on page 186, Samuel Daniel, “Care Charmer Sleep”, Sonnet, (page 187), “Are There Shadows?” (page 190) and Michael Drayton‘s Sonnet (on page 195), Number 61  (“Since there’s no help, come, let us kiss and part”) –
Is that too much for you to…Shall I repeat that?  Is that too confusing?
Student: No
A: So, Fulke Greville, Sidney…check out Fulke Greville, Sidney, Peele, Southwell, Daniel, Drayton……

[Audio for the above can be heard  here, beginning at approximately forty-one-and-a-quarter minutes in and concluding at approximately forty-two-and-a-half minutes in]

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