Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 291

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Meantime, a quick Friday Round-Up:

Tom Hayden (1939-2016)

Tom Hayden‘s passing this week. We continue to mourn.
The New York Times obituary is here, the LA Times obituary is here
Here is Democracy Now! ‘s memory and celebration
Here is his 30,000 word Port Huron Statement (the key text that he was instrumental in drafting in 1962 for the SDS) – Tom Hayden, a prescient voice of conscience against the Vietnam War

Several decades later –  August 2 1993, Allen to Gary Snyder:
“Returned tonight from Naropa – saw Tom Hayden who was addressing our Ecological Studies section. We mentioned Peter Warshalls work in unbuilding a dam in Maibu. Hayden said he’d got the money out of state legislature for some project (but hadn’t met Warshall except maybe briefly). Interestingly, he seemed to’ve moved (as an ex-Catholic) to spiritual ground for ecology, focusing on local politics. Knew your work and had read Rick Fields (who was present at the lecture) – strange circles..”

Strange circles.

Looking back to December, 1967
Alan Ziegler (who we’ve featured here before) posted, earlier this week, a delightful Allen Ginsberg remembrance – “Tales of the Sixties: Allen Ginsberg’s Three Days In Schenectady“. Among the recollections: (Bob) Dylan‘s Scarf: “Allen notices the album jacket for Dylan’s John Wesley Harding propped against our stereo speaker, and points to the scarf worn by one of the people standing next to Dylan. “Dylan gave it to me,” Allen says, extending the scarf he is wearing”. (and) Dylan’s Poetry: “We discuss (Bob) Dylan as poet: “ ‘The motorcycle black Madonna two-wheeled gypsy queen!’” Allen declaims. “That’s as good as anything I’ve written!”
Uncle Allen: “Allen walks by the poster of him wearing an Uncle Sam hat. He stops, backtracks, and signs his name on the ribbon.”
Bathtub: “I awaken in the middle of the night and step into the bathroom, startled to see Allen Ginsberg in his underwear crouching over the bathtub. He is washing his blue jeans.”

For more sacred and profane revelation, (crumbs, but nonetheless interesting crumbs) – see here

Postcard from Allen Ginsberg to Alan Ziegler: “Dear Mr Z, I don’t know my schedule as it’s made up by others while I stay home & avoid correspondence and do my work – poesy, solitude as much as I can get. See you I guess, there. I’ll keep your address & number. Thanks for good cheer – Allen Ginsberg”

Congratulations to Allen’s (ex-) student, Paul Beatty, 1989 alumnae (MFA) of Brooklyn College, winner of the prestigious 2016 Man Booker Prize
” Allen Ginsberg’s generosity, his oddball stories, and his boundless love for poetry and process, always left me grateful and thinking, ‘I didn’t know you could to that…

Paul Beatty

and, still in the environs of the UK,

Allen’s reading of “Who Be Kind To” at the Albert Hall in 1965 at the International  Poetry Incarnation is featured in this brief clip from BBC radio – here

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