A 1980 “Teach-In”

The format of the “Teach-In”, derived from ‘Sixties protests against the Vietnam War

AG: And the other thing, simultaneously is a heating up of all the war protest groups – the Alliance To Resist War and Violence [sic], and there’s now a classic “teach-in” going to take place (like in the ‘Sixties – “teach ins”?). There’s another “Teach-in” coming up, from Thursday on, Thursday and Friday, big “teach-in” at C.U. (Colorado University) . Simultaneous with Simon Ortega [sic –  Editorial note – confusing him with Daniel Ortega Allen means Simon Ortiz], (no, just before Simon Ortega), that’s going on simultaneously. So they’ll be a film – “The Intelligence Network, “a documentary of  U.S. Intelligence Agencies abuses”, teachings on “https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iranian_Revolution” the Iranian Revolution, teachings on American economical and political crisis ) (that’s on Thursday) Friday, films and a big teach-in on Afghanistan (which should be really interesting, if you want to get the other side, because there’s probably some huge other side that we haven’t heard yet [sic]). Then, eight to ten, “Oil Imperialism in the Middle East” (These are all sort of professors at C.U. or Iranian intellectuals or Afghanistani specialists.) Saturday, “U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East in the morning, “Causes of World War III”, from nine to eleven, “Registration for Draft and the Lessons of Vietnam“, from eleven to twelve-thirty (so that’ll be, like, a draft-counseling “t-in”, teach-in), and then a plenary session in the afternoon “What To Do?” and a social get-together at the churches… So I’ll put that up somewhere at Naropa.
So.. wanted to take care of both of these (announcements). It’s really interesting, like, slowly things are cruising back to normal protest

[Audio for the above can be heard  herebeginning at approximately forty-eight-and-a-quarter minutes in and concluding at approximately fifty minutes in]   

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