Friday Weekly Round-Up – 285

“Self-Portrait on my Seventieth birthday in Borsolino hat and black cashmere-silk scarf from Milan & Dublin Thornproof-tweed suit, Oleg Cassini tie from Goodwill, shirt same source, kitchen windwo mid-day, I stayed home & worked on Selected Poems 1947-95 proofs after returning from Walker Art Center reading – Beat exhibition weekend. Monday June 3, 1996, NY. photo c. Allen Ginsberg Estate

We Are Continually Exposed to the Flashbulb of Death – The Photographs of Allen Ginsberg (1953-1996), the show that originated in 2014 at the University of Toronto(see here for more on their pre-eminent Ginsberg photo collection), opened this week at Carleton University Art Gallery, Ottawa., the last stage of its Canadian tour. It will be up until the 11th of December.

Errol Morrisso-far well-received film on Elsa Dorfman debuted this week at the Toronto film festival. From the review in Screen International:

“Dorfman, a self-described “nice Jewish girl” didn’t pick up a camera until her late twenties. Before this, she had worked as a secretary in New York at the Grove Press, a leading publisher of the Beat writers. She recalls her incredulity when Allen Ginsberg demanded “Where’s the can?”, having never heard the toilet referred to in this way before. Inauspicious a meeting hough it was, this was the beginning of a lifelong friendship.”

Allen Ginsberg – Photograph by Elsa Dorfman

Sarah Haas on one-time local boy Allen Ginsberg appeared last week in the Boulder (Colorado) Weekly “Pot is fun” – (For the November 1966 Atlantic Monthly article, the prime source of this article, “The Great Marijuana Hoax” – see here  and also here)
–  (For more of Allen on drugs and drug-taking – see here) 

Allen Ginsberg – Photograph by Benedict J Fernandez

We listed a few weeks back recent William Burroughs recordings – collaborative works by King Khan, Bill Frisell & others (the Hal Willner-produced Let Me Hang You),  Steve BuscemiElliott Sharp’s Rub Out The Word. We forgot to mention this limited edition (LP), released (re-released) just last month, by Paradigm DiscsCurse Go Back 

Ben Harper‘s brief sleeve note is made available – here    

A taste of what’s there (vintage audio recorded in London c.1968 and for a long time filed away in the Brion Gysin archives) is available here

and in Manchester, England (opening last week, and up through until March 5th next year Off Beat – Jeff Nuttall And The International Underground. If you happen to be in Manchester, don’t miss it.

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