Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 281

Jonah Raskin reviews The Ginsberg 3 CD set for the Huffington Post  Рhere:

The Last Word on First Blues is as essential to an understanding of Ginsberg as his Collected Poems, and just as much fun. The set also shows that those who only know Ginsberg as a poet of the printed word and not also as a performer of the spoken word know him merely by half”

Sam Clark looks at Allen’s classic Kaddish (from a psychoanalytical vantage-point – “Psychoanalytical Perspective on Ginsberg’s Kaddish”) – here

And speaking of Kaddish, don’t miss thisMicah Berul’s annotated Kaddish paper. (annotated by Allen himself!)

The Paris Beats show continues

Hyperallergic (Joseph Nechvatal) reviews the (soon-to-be-closing) Velvet Underground show

Anne Waldman answers some questions. (the 30th Geraldine Dodge Poetry Festival is up-coming, October 20th-23rd)

Summer-time still, though.

Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs and Naropa students. c. 1982 via the Boulder Daily Camera

William Burroughs is revered local history now in Lawrence, Kansas. All this summer take a “hike through history” on the “Burroughs Creek trail”.

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