Willie the Weeper

AG: And then there’s the other, equally great, American (ballad)  “Willie the Weeper”. Do you know that?

“Hark to the story of Willie the Weeper/Willie the Weeper was a chimney-sweeper/He had the hot habit and he had it bad/ Listen, while I tell you ’bout a dream he had./ He went to the hop joint the other night/When he knew the lights would all be burning bright/I guess he smoked a dozen pills or more/When he woke up he was on a foreign shore./ The Queen of Bulgaria was the first he met/She called him her darlin’ and her lovin’ pet/She promised him a pretty Ford automobile/With a diamond headlight and a silver steering-wheel/She had a million cattle, she had a million sheep/She had a million vessels on the ocean deep/She had a million dollars all in nickles and dimes/He knew it ’cause he counted them a million times./Willie landed in New York one evening late/He asked his sugar for an after-date/Willie got funny, she began to shout/”Bim bam boo!” – an’ the dope gave out.”

[Audio for the above can be heard here, beginning at approximately sixty-five-and-a-half minutes in and concluding at approximately sixty-six-and-a-half minutes in]

& not forgetting:

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