Poetry Comics

Eric Drooker’s Illustrations for “Howl”

Robert Sikoryak comics mash-up of Walt Whitman and Jack Kirby

Poetry comics  –  Poetry as comics – The Aristophanes of the genre, as he has been called is Dave Morice His Poetry Comics – A Cartoonverse of Poems appeared in 1980 from Simon and Schuster.Two further anthologies followed. More Poetry Comics – Abuse the Muse (from A Cappella/Chicago Review Press) in 1994, and Poetry Comics – An Animated Anthology (from Teachers and Writers Collaborative) in 2002

Here’s another panel of Morice’s Whitman

More of  Dave Morice’s The Adventures of Whitman –  here

We were reminded of Morice’s witty and illuminating panels with the recent publication of Nathan Gelguds colorful (in both senses) imagination of Allen’s “A Supermarket in California” (“What thoughts I have of you tonight, Walt Whitman..”)

For the complete poem-comic, see it on the Faena aleph web-site –  here

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