The Last Word on First Blues

The eagerly-awaited Allen Ginsberg three-CD box-set, The Last Word on First Blues, is officially released tomorrow.

Here is the track-listing

Disc One

1. Going To San Diego
2. Vomit Express
3. Jimmy Berman (Gay Lib Rag)
4. Ny Youth Call Annunciation
5. Cia Dope Calypso
6. Put Down Yr Cigarette Rag
7. Sickness Blues
8. Broken Bone Blues
9. Stay Away From The White House
10. Hardon Blues
11. Guru Blues

Disc Two

1.Everybody Sing
2. Gospel Noble Truths
3. Bus Ride To Suva
4. Prayer Blues
5. Love Forgiven
6. Father Death Blues
7. Dope Fiend Blues
8. Tyger
9. You Are My Dildo
10. Old Pond
11. No Reason
12. My Pretty Rose Tree
13. Capitol Air

Bonus Disc More Rags, Ballads, And Blues 1971-1984(All Recordings Previously Unissued)

1. Nurses Song
2. Spring (Merrily Welcome)
3. September On Jessore Road
4. Lay Down Yr Mountain
5. Slack Key Guitar
6. Reef Mantra
7. NY Blues
8. Come Along Vietnam (Rehearsal)
9. Airplane Blues (Live At Folk City)
10. Feeding Them Raspberries To Grow (Live At Folk City)
11. Do The Meditation Rock

Thom Jurek’s perceptive review of the box-set at All Music is here
Chuck Foster in The Big Take-Over – here
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Plenty more reviews to follow.

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