May 29 – Harry Smith’s Birthday

Harry Smith‘s birthday today. Learn more about the unclassifiable maestro and treat yourself to a viewing of his remarkable Early Abstractions – here
(and/or Heaven and Earth Magic – here)

“You shouldn’t be looking at this as a continuity. Film frames are hieroglyphs, even when they look like actuality. You should think of the individual frame, always, as a glyph, and then you’ll understand what cinema’s about”

An example of an early Harry Smith painting (Algo Bueno, c.1951)

and two more recent paintings (Untitled, c.1977)

and (Enochian Tablet, circa 1979)

and here is Untitled, from the previous year

This past year has seen the publication of the first two volumes of The Collections of Harry Smith Catalogue Raisonne (we eagerly await more)

Volume 1 is the Paper Airplanes

Volume 2 is the String Figures

An interesting note (2016) in recent anthropology

A continuing, unsurpassable, abiding musical achievement

Allen remembers Harry here – and here – and here

Gerd Stern remembers Harry – here

Tarot cards (Harry and the occult) from the Harry Smith Archive at the Getty Research Institute

Lee Bridgers Musiek and Rani Singh immortalize some (just some) of Harry’s remarkable (and not-so-remarkable) objects.

M. Henry Jones‘s re-creations – on Harry, the filmmaker

&, via M.Henry Jones – and to finish off with – priceless footage of the irascible Harry himself.

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