Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 267

Allen Ginsberg in 1968

Noted in passing, and with sadness, the death, earlier this week (April 30), of the noted pioneering peace activist, Father Daniel Berrigan, great comrade-in-arms in the struggle to end the monstrosity and obscenity of the Vietnam War. (In 1974 at the War Resister’s League, Allen presented Berrigan with its annual Peace Award. They remained life-time co-visionaries and friends)

Daniel Berrigan (1921-20160

Daniel Lewis’ extensive New York Times obituary is here, The Washington Post‘s obituary here (with a photo-portfolio), (the AP wire notice and the Reuters wire notice are here and here). Appreciation from Democracy Now! (including video) – here – and here and from the Catholic press – here (a 2009 piece, a conversation, looking back, from the same magazine, may be found here)

The New York Times has another piece in this morning’s paper – here

This is just a sampling of the world-wide response to Berrigan’s death. All scholars of resistence and history would do well to remember the Catonsville Nine.

Walt Whitman news. Jennifer Schuessler in The New York Times reports on “what some experts are calling the biggest new Whitman discovery in decades” – the rediscovery of a “47,000-word journalistic series called“Manly Health and Training”, “lost for more than 150 years, buried in an obscure newspaper that survived in only a handful of libraries. The series was uncovered last summer by Zachary Turpin, a graduate student at the University of Houston, who “came across a fleeting reference to it in a digitalized newspaper database and then tracked down the full text on microfilm”. The full text is now available here in the Winter/Spring 2016 edition of The Walt Whitman Quarterly Review.
More on this recent Whitman discovery here, here and here

And here’s another quirky side-light on Whitman that recently came to light – Walt Whitman on baseball.

Allen Ginsberg in Buenos Aires – here

Rodrigo Olavarria‘s Spanish translation of Allen’s Deliberate Prose (Prosa Deliberada) is getting notices – here, here, and here

Another of Allen’s translators, Claudio Willer, reading him in Portuguese, here

Bill Morgan’s Beats Abroad gets a positive notice in India.

Marc Olmsted’s review in Sensitive Skin of Eliot Katz’s recently-published survey, The Poetry and Politics of Allen Ginsberg (a “ground-breaking book”, “a labor of love, intelligence and humility”) is essential reading – See here

This weekend – Sunday the 8th, it’s Gary Snyder‘s birthday. Here’s Gary reading at Naropa in 2011 (reading “After Bamiyan” (from 2004’s Danger on Peaks)

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