Allen Ginsberg – Montreal – 1969 (Q & A – (Sex and Marriage and Kali Yuga))

The Sexual Freedom League, Stanford, 1969 – Photograph by Larry Keenan

Q: If somebody gave you the power to create a new sexual cult, what kind of cult would you create?

AG: I’d create one about me, so I could get laid… I haven’t been making out.. I haven’t been making out in about a year now! I’m getting old and tired and bored, you know! – I don’t know.. The other thing is… One thing I’ve been thinking is – it may be that all along the whole Catholic authoritarian political Western censorship on sex was literally to keep people interested, to keep people excited. Remember the old conservative argument, you know, that hip Catholics used to give, or that Conservatives used to give, thatif you took off all the bars on sexual imagery and everybody could see anything they want or do anything they want then sex would no longer be interesting, that… Remember that argument, sophisticated argument? – It was true, I think – that the function of the suppression and ban was really to keep it, keep people excited and keep people frustrated and perturbed and with sort of half hard-ons so they didn’t spend their time thinking about sex all the time. With the new revelation, like, with the new open-ness that’s come about, in movies, books, even in personal conduct, I think people will become less attached to sex and I think biologically that’s really important right now, because, like, the more orgasms and the more reproduction we have, well the more orgasms leading to reproduction we have, the more dangerous the planetary situation is. So it might be that actually there’ll be a complete opening up of all sexual imagery, a complete experience of all varieties of sexual conduct and then like a relaxation of grasp, of sexual grasping.

People will suddenly turn around and face each other and realize there’s all this human meat walking around on the planet, it’s over-populated already, it’s all the same person to begin with, there’s too many of them, there’s too many of us, like the lemmings, you know, it’s time to begin looking inward a little bit and finding out like who this Big Soul is that populates the planet, rather than trying to reproduce more and more of them (as if we couldn’t get enough ever!) Remember, it was not very long ago that it was considered “Be fruitful and multiply”, but also Chambers of Commerce considered it was a groovy thing if towns grew, You know they weren’t satisfied to have a nice little town with… They had to have.. The real-estate dealers, the banks, the local boosters, the Chambers of Commerce types who stood to make money if there were an over-population problem, if there were a squeeze, began drumming up industry and trade and, you know, were proud of the fact that they were having more and more people around. And now it’s become a curse. So, in other words, the new sexual revelation, in other words, the new body-openness may wind up leaving people relaxed about it and less..less horny, less hard-up, less..hung in their imagination. So, it may have been all along that all the Popes were sex-fiends! you know- keeping people in – keeping people in, locked in this meat-box, sort of

Q: So where does marriage go? – the concept? the same way?

AG: Well, I don’t know.’s changed. Like, the Western marriage already was a weird marriage, as everybody anthropologically comments – and that the younger people seem to be tending toward group marriages or communal marriages ,at least in early adolescence and early teens and twenties, partly to try out a variety of sexual roles but also partly to (sort of) avoid the..that reproductive responsibility that the old army-vetetran marriage used to bring about, like, back from the war and knock out six children.
According to Paul and Anne Ehrlich, (Ehrlich, a biologist who wrote a book called  The Population Bomb (1968)), the planet is doubly populated. There are twice as many people on the planet as the planet can comfortably support without people freaking out and beginning to murder each other and eat each other up. According to the.. some Vishnavite theory, we’re (1968) at the beginning of the age of destruction (Kali Yuga) and we have another…

Q: Four hundred and twenty thousand years to go.

AG: Four hundred and twenty thousand years to go. We’re already what? five thousand years into it?

Q: Five..
AG: Five?
Q: Five thousand..
AG: Yes but then – but how many from the advent of Krishna himself?
Q: Five thousand.

AG: So it’s about five thousand and the era of the chanting of Hare Krishna mantra as a magic prayer to save, to grasp to, will last how long? do you know”

Q:  At five thousand, peak and then the..

AG: Then it will continue, and I believe that people get sunk into materialism thereafter, and fewer and fewer know the name of Krishna, till maybe, I don’t know, another (twenty? thousands years, there’ll be nothing but reptiles crawling, or reptile-humans crawling, all over each other, forgotten Krishna’s name, eating..eating their own children!

Q: The devotees will…
AG: Huh?
Q; And the devotees will be living underground……
Q2: (and)  all the food (sources) will dry up, and we’ll be just like a pig with the skin off)

AG: Yeah, and finally, at the end of it, so, (a), four-hundred-plus thousand-year cycle, a kalki  will have to come, and everybody’ll be so evil that they’ll have to destroy it (in) order to start up another era of delight and get rid of all that evil. At least that’s the Hindu myth of it (probably not too different from Christian myth)

Audio for the above can be heard here beginning at approximately fifty-one-and-a-quarter minutes in (fourth segment) and concluding at approximately fifty-seven-and-a-half minutes in

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  1. The reproduction of highly educated people in the world is very low, while the reproduction of lowly educated people is very high. This is something to worry about.

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