Allen Ginsberg – Montreal 1969 – (Q & A – (Canada))

Q: You sense any change in the atmosphere when you come out of the (United) States and come to any other country, like Canada)?

AG: There’s a little change in downtown atmosphere, say here (Montreal) , compared to New York, or even Portland, where I was last, because the signs are smaller, there’s less, seriously..there’s less of an intrusion on your nervous system your eyeball nervous system, driving downtown here, (the heaviest part of downtown) than there is driving through a heavy downtown in the (United) States. There’s just less of a claim on your attention.

Q: Does that have any political significance, do you think?

AG: Yes, a great deal. A great deal. There’s less..Apparently, a good deal less electronic hypnosis going on down here than there is downtown in an American city- and the politics of the twentieth-century is all involved with electronic hypnosis and brainwashing and influence of judgment and conditioning of thought forms

Q: Are we then (Canada) slightly more primitive than the (United) States?

AG: No, not necessarily. I don’t know what…

Q: (more resistant to change?..) more primitive?

AG: Well,  it depends what you mean by primitive, If you took “primitive” as an honorific term, then I would say yes, If you’re taking it as a perjorative term, I‘d choose another word.The over-ramification of electronic network has not taken place as badly here as it has in America. In other words, we’ve gone too far in the United States, we have to pull back.

Q: Gone too far?

AG: Gone too far on the planet maybe – too many people already

(Audio for the above can be heard here, beginning at approximately forty-nine-and-a-half minutes in (fourth segment), and concluding at approximately fifty-one-and-a-quarter minutes in)

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