Wyatt – 2 – (“They flee from me..”)

[Sir Thomas Wyatt, “They flee from me..”  from the Devonshire Manuscript circa 1530-1540]

AG: And there was another great, strange one, whose rhythm is very odd, “They flee from me that sometime did me seek”. We’ve got one minute, so I’ll read it, then finish. That’s (on) page one (hundred and) sixteen. So you’ve got to figure out who are “they” that flee from him, and what kind of situation is he describing? – because it’s very mysterious. And I never figured it out, after thirty years! – I’m still puzzling over it. I don’t know if anybody does … Read More

The Bob Dylan Archive at The University of Oklahoma

“I like Allen Ginsberg and not Bob Dylan” wrote a reader a while back on our Facebook page, and another wrote accurately and swiftly back, “They’re joined at the hip.”

Allen loved.. no, Allen revered Bob Dylan. We announced a few weeks back the immanent sale, (or, right now, proposed sale, University librarians, please note), of the “Holy Grail of Archives” – the Ed Sanders Archive, but that, momentous as it is, fades in comparison to the news announced today (in an exclusive to the New York Times) – the sale to the University of Oklahoma of The Bob Read More

Wyatt “Whoso List to Hunt..”

[Anne Boleyn, by unknown artist. National Portrait Gallery, London]

AG: .. Maybe a couple more Wyatt [Allen looks through the (Norton) anthology] – Where is that Wyatt? – (page) seventy..? Peter Orlovsky: Seventy-seven? Student: Seventy-five? Student (2): Thomas Wyatt One-twenty AG: Yeah, Thomas Wyatt, we had him before – Sir Thomas Wyatt – One-fifteen. Just to cover a little Wyatt because we’ve got five minutes. There’s one very famous dirty pun in Wyatt’s sonnet “Whoso List to Hunt…” – “I know where there’s a hind” [where is a hind”] – (I know where there’s a behind!) … Read More

More Skelton: Mistress Isabell & Mistress Gertrude

[John Skelton ( c.1460-1529)]

AG: There’s another one here [of John Skelton‘s] that we can have a look-see, there’s a nice easy one – “To Mistress Isabell Pennell” – It’s not in the.. I think it is.. it’s not in the Norton, “not in the Norton” – it’s not in the Norton (anthology).. [Allen reads the poem in its entirety] – “By Saint Mary, my lady…”

By Saint Mary, my lady, Your mammy and your dady Brought forth a goodly baby ! My maiden Isabel, Reflaring rosabell, The flagrant camamell, The ruddy rosary, The sovereign rosemary, … Read More