Friday’s Weekly Round Up – 259

Allen parle en français. We’ve previously spotlighted Allen on French radio (from 1996, on Alain Veinstein’s program, and in the company of Jean-Jacques Lebel, on the occasion of the publication of the French edition of Cosmopolitan Greetings.) Here he (it) is again.

And Beat international interviews. Following up our last week’s notice of an Italian one, here‘s the ever-sprightly Lawrence Ferlinghetti interviewed in Spanish, just a few weeks back, in El Pais “Un escritor no se retire hasta que non puede sostener el boligrafo” (“A writer doesn’t retire until he can no longer hold the pen”) – Ferlinghetti on Allen: “Allen Ginsberg era el mejor vendedor que haya pisado la tierra. Sin el, no habria habido Generacion Beat” (“Allen Ginsberg was the best salesman who ever walked the earth. Without him there would be no Beat Generation”)
More Beat Generation articles (Jesús Aguado) in El Pais here, here, here and here

Allen Ginsberg and the Creative Rewards of Generosity” – Adam Gee, over on Volteface provides three short extracts from his book-in-progress, When Sparks Fly.

Anne Waldman is the subject of KPFA’s Jack Foley Cover to Coverhere

Photograph by John Suiter

More real-estate news (and alarming news) – Jack Kerouac’s beloved Stations of the Cross location may be threatened . Read more about that here in the local Massachusetts paper, the Lowell Sun

Tomorrow is Jack Kerouac‘s birthday – Celebrations at the Beat Museum and Lowell Celebrates Kerouac
Details of the San Francisco (Beat Museum) event – here
and the Lowell festivities – here (“special guest”, David Amram)

and on Sunday, in Saint Petersburg, Florida, Kristy Anderson screens thirty-five minutes from her ongoing Kerouac documentary, Jack Kerouac’s Florida: The End of the Road (currently in production) – Contrary to received opinion, “Jack Kerouac’s relation with Florida is a love story not a tragedy”

& it’ll be Jack Kerouac Birthday Weekend all weekend coming up, this weekend on The Allen Ginsberg Project

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