Allen Ginsberg – Montreal 1969 – ( “Holy Ghost on the Nod over the Body of Bliss”)

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (Lord Chaitanya)

AG: Okay, the formulation I finally arrived at was…

[Allen reads from Planet News] -“Holy Ghost on the Nod over the Body of Bliss” –

“Is this the God of Gods the one I heard about/in memorized language Universities murmur?/Dollar bills can buy it! the great substance/exchanges itself freely through all the world’s/ poetry money, past and future currencies/issued and redeemed by the identical bank,/electric monopoly after monopoly owl-eyed/on every one of 90 million dollar bills vibrating/To the pyramid-top in the United States of Heaven – /Aye aye Sir Owl Oh can you see in the dark you/observe Minerva nerveless in Nirvana because/Zeus rides reindeer thru Bethlehem’s blue sky..It’s Buddha sits in Mary‘s belly waving Kuan/Yin’s white hand at the Yang-tze that Mao sees,/tongue of Kali licking Krishna‘s soft blue lips..Chango holds Shiva‘s prick, Ouroboros eats th’ cobalt bomb,/Parvati on YOD‘s perfumed knee cries Aum/ & Santa Barbara rejoices in he alleyways of Brindaban/La Illaha El (lill) Allah Who – Allah Akbar! /Goliath struck down by kidneystone, Golgotha grown old,/All these wonders are crowded in the Mind’s Eye/Superman & Batman race forward, Zarathustra on Coyote‘s ass. Laotzu disappearing at the gate, God mocks God,/Job sits bewildered that Ramakrishna is Satan/and Bodhidharma forgot to bring Nothing.”
(No, Bodhidharma brought the doctrine of the Void across, so “Bodhidharma forgot to bring Nothing”)
– So, in other words, that’s what I would see the whole relation as..

Ramakrishna was the one who came up with a formula like that when asked, like, “What’s his scene? – He said, “I worship all Gods” – and attempted to practice the different sadhanas – And that obviously is a necessity, you know, at this point in planet history, because you can’t have one planet with about sixty different ethnic groups quarreling over which image of God is the correct one for an entire planet. So you’d obviously have to finally realize that, actually, as Swami Bhaktivedanta says, that Christ is Krishna and Krishna-Christ are identical – which means that the Jews have got to give up their God to get the Big God, and the Christians have got to give up their God to get the Big God, and Krishna-ites have got to give up Krishna in order to get Krishna, and the Mohammadens are going to have to give up Allah in order to get Sophia, to get back to the Abyss of Light, actually.

Q: What about Lord Chaitanya?

AG: Lord Chaitanya? Well, I guess he’ll have to join the dance! – But I don’t think you can make any exclusive claim to any single name or form, finally. Because, otherwise, you’d have to accept the Christian’s exclusive claim (because they say they have an exclusive claim to an exclusive name and form). I don’t know what Swani Bhaktivedanta would say about that. I think he’d disagree, because he thinks that Krishna is the Supreme Person and includes all other supreme persons. Well, that’s alright. If it includes all other supreme persons, then any supreme person you name, like Christ, you’re naming Krishna, so, there’s no harm done. Yeah?

[Audio for the above can be heard here, beginning at approximately forty-one minutes in and concluding at approximately forty-four-and-three-quarters minutes in]

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