A Gregory Corso Weekend – Part Two

Gregory Corso, Lowell, Massachusetts – Photograph by Allen Ginsberg © The Estate of Allen Ginsberg

One of Gregory Corso’s triangles – a favorite game he played, drawing unexpected connections between kindred spirits – Courtesy the collection of Raymond Foye. – Raymond Foye writes: “He could spend a whole day on a game of this sort, in cafes & bars, testing out ideas, quizzing people, having fun. As the day wore on and there were more & more drinks, things would start to get edgy and challenging. It would eventually end with him screaming insults at everybody and tearing up all the diagrams”.

“The spirit is a charitable thief” – drawing by Gregory Corso, 1974

Our Gregory Corso birthday celebrations continue with this miscellany of items…..

Gregory Corso – original drawing c. 1970’s (from the Patti Oldenburg (Mucha) Archive – & see here

Gregory Corso – original 1963 Diary/Journal

“To be done with darkness…” – Another page from Gregory Corso’s 1963 Diary/Journal

“Bomb” – original ms,, 1958 – “This is the first assembly of mine [sic] poem Bomb. The process of trying to attain the mushroom shape, which was impossible to do at the typewriter – Also this poem is early draft in that final draft is very different in line changes, subject matter, etc ” (Gregory Corso) – via University of Miami Library

“A bluebird alights upon a yellow chair – Spring is here’

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  1. Nice. I used the opening photograph of Corso at the Lowell grotto as the cover for my book, GC: Doubting Thomist. Corso's intellectual ideas are very broad and deep and have never been understood. The photo is by Ginsberg. It depicts Corso asking Christ to come down and talk with them.

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