Allen Ginsberg, Montreal, 1969 Q & A- 10) (Kerouac)

[Jack Kerouac (1922-1969) Still from 1959 Silent 16mm Film]

Q: Do you feel that the death of Jack Kerouac has taken away his image for people, young people, in the (United) States now, to….

AG: Nobody depended on him, He was just a great drunken lout, fortunately! He did it purposely, he desecrated any image possible! – and he went on television drunk, on (William) Buckley (‘s) and burped and farted, just so he wouldn’t have anybody following him! – I mean he didn’t want anybody.. I mean he used to… He thought that I was a monster … Read More

Carl Solomon’s Birthday

Carl Solomon’s birthday today. He would have been eighty-eight.

[Flyer for 1964 Carl Solomon reading at Le Metro Cafe, New York – designed & produced by Ed Sanders – from the Ed Sanders Archives]

[Carl Solomon, 1991 – Photograph by Allen Ginsberg © The Estate of Allen Ginsberg]

For previous Solomon salutes (Solomon shout-outs), see here, here and here. His reading (in 1982) with Jack Micheline at Naropa at the Jack Kerouac Conference has been transcribed and can be heard and seen on the Allen Ginsberg Project here Allen, from his new book of posthumous poems: … Read More

Allen Ginsberg, Montreal 1969 “Holy Ghost on the Nod over the Body of Bliss”

[Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (Lord Chaitanya)]

AG: Okay, the formulation I finally arrived at was…

[Allen reads from Planet News] –“Holy Ghost on the Nod over the Body of Bliss” –

“Is this the God of Gods the one I heard about/in memorized language Universities murmur?/Dollar bills can buy it! the great substance/exchanges itself freely through all the world’s/ poetry money, past and future currencies/issued and redeemed by the identical bank,/electric monopoly after monopoly owl-eyed/on every one of 90 million dollar bills vibrating/To the pyramid-top in the United States of Heaven – /Aye aye Sir Owl Oh can you see in … Read More

Allen Ginsberg, Montreal, 1969 Q & A – 8) (Judaism and Krishna)

AG; Now, about the second part, [sic – “How do you reconcile a return to a traditional Jewish root with an enthusiastic interest in Hare Krishna? Do you think that a rabbinical tradition can, in some way, be reconciled with a Hindu or Hare Krishna tradition?] – (it) was a… I didn’t mean to..

Like, I was saying,.. last night, I heard – (and I’m sitting here in Hillel House, so I don’t mean to make it quite that corny – “Well, folks, I want to announce I am now returning to the Hebrew tradition” – that’s not what … Read More

A Gregory Corso Weekend Part Two

[Gregory Corso, Lowell, Massachusetts – Photograph by Allen Ginsberg © The Estate of Allen Ginsberg]

[One of Gregory Corso’s triangles – a favorite game he played, drawing unexpected connections between kindred spirits – Courtesy the collection of Raymond Foye. – Raymond Foye writes: “He could spend a whole day on a game of this sort, in cafes & bars, testing out ideas, quizzing people, having fun. As the day wore on and there were more & more drinks, things would start to get edgy and challenging. It would eventually end with him screaming insults at everybody and tearing up … Read More

A Gregory Corso Weekend

[Gregory Corso, Boulder, Colorado, July 1994 – Photograph by Seth Brigham]

[Gregory Corso – Self Portrait (undated)]

A Gregory Corso weekend.. It’s Gregory’s birthday. He would have been eighty-six today.

We’ve featured Gregory many many times on the Allen Ginsberg, starting way back in 2010 with this birthday announcement.

Gregory Corso Happy Birthday of Death (sic) can be found here Corso 2013 Birthday celebration – here Corso 2014 Birthday celebration – here Corso 2015 Birthday celebration – here Not Forgetting Gregory Corso here

Two vintage Naropa readings – one (with William Burroughs) – from 1975, and one … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 261

Recent Ginsberg volumes – The Essential Ginsberg (from HarperCollins) and Wait Till I’m Dead – UnCollected Poems (from Grove Press) – here’s Library Journal‘s cogent and informative appraisals of the books:

“The work and not just the poetry of Ginsberg (1926-97), one of 20th-century America’s most important and notorious literary figures has finally been given the career-arching overview it deserves. Schumacher (Dharma Lion) has compiled the poet’s greatest hits into this volume, including the regularly-anthologized, “Howl“, “Kaddish“, “A Supermarket In California”, “America”, and “Kral Majales”.

What distinguishes this … Read More

Ferlinghetti’s Birthday

[Lawrence Ferlinghetti, “Godot,” 2008, Oil paints on canvas, 11 x 14 in. Photo by Ron Jones]

Two Moscow memories from the recently-published Writing Across The Landscape

“On the walls of the Writers Union Cafe, I saw Allen’s three-fish symbol, drawn by him here in summer 1965 & I drew woman nude with inscription, “The door to the invisible is visible”

“Zoja Voznesensky concluded, after a discussion of Ginsberg (who had visited Moscow, summer of ’65) that Ginsberg was concerned with the interior world while I was concerned with the outside world and therefore my poetry was “more comprehensive” (or something … Read More

Allen Ginsberg Montreal 1989 Q & A part 7 (Kerouac)

[A flyer from the 2009 production in New York of Larry Myers play –“Jack Kerouac: Catholic” – “He (Jack) was proud of being a Canuck Catholic” (Allen Ginsberg)]

Q: May I (now) ask you another question?

AG Yeah

Q: Jack Kerouac abandoned his Catholicism, which was the Church in which he had been brought up. You mentioned that, and at the same time, you coupled it with a statement that seemed to suggest that you are returning to a Kabbalistic or Hassidic tradition. How do you reconcile a return to a traditional Jewish root with an enthusiastic interest in … Read More

Allen Ginsberg, Montreal 1969 Q & A 6 (Drugs)

[Allen Ginsberg, 1966 poster from San Francisco advertising the famous Ken Kesey Acid Tests]

Q: What is your present [1989] thinking about drugs?

AG: Well, it looks like marijuana will slowly be legalized in the United States (since grandmother Margaret Mead came out for it the other day! ). So I saw an AP dispatch yesterday that said that Governor Kirk of Florida called her “a dirty old lady”

Q: (He)..said she should be locked up with all the other degenerates!

AG: Yeah

Q: But what was it about the stronger stuff?

AG: And then crime in New York … Read More