A William Burroughs Weekend

[William S Burroughs – Photograph by Allen Ginsberg – © The Estate of Allen Ginsberg]

It’s a William Burroughs weekend and our all-time most popular post is this one (perhaps because of the abiding interest in Jim Morrison?) – William Burroughs music collaborations – But what about this one? – and this? – and this?

William Burroughs’ distinctive Naropa readings have often featured in this space – from 1975 (with Gregory Corso) from 1976 (with Allen, Anne Waldman, and Chogyam Rinpoche), from 1978 (with Ken Kesey) – and again in 1980, 1981Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 254

Important breaking-news (regarding an earlier posting) – a Saudi court earlier this week overturned the death-sentence on poet Ashraf Fayadh – but hardly proposing leniency! His new punishment? – He’s sentenced to eight years in prison and eight hundred lashes, (to be carried out on sixteen separate occasions), and must formally renounce his poetry on Saudi state media. Needless to say, the campaign for his freedom and full exoneration vigorously continues.

[William Burroughs Photograph(s) & Allen Ginsberg – Photographs © The Estate of Allen Ginsberg]

William Burroughs birthday today (fitting news following such grotesquerie?) A shout-out today and … Read More

One More on “..Mayden” (Mayden via Pound)

AG: (Ezra) Pound’s analysis of poetry, which I mentioned some time before included melopoeia, which is what we’re dealing with now, the melody, rhythmic melody, phanopoeia , which I started with in the first class which was the casting of a picture on the mind’s eye, the moving-picture part of the poem, or the still picture, and then logopoeia – did anybody.. does anybody remember what logopoeia is? anybody? define logopoeia, as in Ezra Pound? – I think I mentioned it. Somebody must know?, figure it out? Melopoeia‘s music, Phanopoeia’s picture – Logopoeia? Student: The poetry of the idea Peter … Read More

Another Student Assignment Poem – After “Lyke Wake Dirge”

[Boulderado Hotel, Boulder, Colorado]

Another Student Assignment Poem, this one After “Lyke Wake Dirge.” (a traditional English song that telling of the hazardous travels the soul faces on its way to purgatory.) Allen begins with a spontaneous couplet:

AG: “Turn in your homework this or next hour /and mark them with paradigms if it is in your power”

“And if you haven’t got it to turn it in now/ mark it up with your accents and I’ll pick it up Thursday, anyhow”

Next..what was it? –there were some paradigms, some imitations of “This ae night” (Lyke Wake Read More

A Ginsberg Parody – “I know of a baby..”

[Detail from “Virgin and Child Adored by the Infant St John” – Lucas Cranach, the Elderr, circa 1512-14]

Following yesterday’s student presentations, Allen presents his own “I Syng Of A Mayden” parody

AG: I have a poem that’s practically virginal (in comparison), virgin but I switch sexes. Anybody else got one? – (because I’m eager to get on with mine) – Okay, well I’ll give you mine then, anyway, then I’ll get on with it – “I Know Of A Baby”

Allen proceeds to reads his poem – ” I know of a baby..” “I know of a … Read More

A Ginsberg Class at Naropa – Parodies – Various Student Assignment Poems

Today’s installment from the on-going transcribed Allen-Ginsberg-at-Naropa lectures, shows Allen working directly with the students (he had assigned them to make their own versions of one of the early lyrics he’d been teaching, either “I Syng of A Mayden” or “Lyke Wake Dirge“). The results, regrettably, while vigorous, are a tad sophomoric (Allen will remark on this later)

AG: I made some kind of a copy of “I Syng of A Mayden,” I made my own. Has anybody else got a sample here? Has anybody else done theirs? their homework? I think Rizzo (sic – one … Read More