A William Burroughs Weekend

William S Burroughs – Photograph by Allen Ginsberg – © The Estate of Allen Ginsberg

It’s a William Burroughs weekend and our all-time most popular post is this one (perhaps because of the abiding interest in Jim Morrison?) – William Burroughs music collaborations – But what about this one? – and this? – and this?

William Burroughs’ distinctive Naropa readings have often featured in this space – from 1975 (with Gregory Corso) from 1976 (with Allen, Anne Waldman, and Chogyam Rinpoche), from 1978 (with Ken Kesey) – and again in 1980, 1981, and from 1985.

Here and here‘s a two-part reading from 1989

Here’s Burroughs on Jack Kerouac from the 1981 Naropa Jack Kerouac celebrations

Here’s Burroughs reading Junky

Here’s more on Junky

Heres Burroughs (from back in 2010 and our posting on the Yage Letters)

Heres from way back in 1961, Burroughs interviewed by Allen and Gregory for the City Lights anthology, The Journal For The Protection of All Beings

Here’s Allen interviewing Burroughs in 1980 – and again (two interviews) – here

Heres Kathy Acker interviewing Burroughs

Here’s a posting on Burroughs’ Cut-Ups

Here’s a posting on Burroughs’ home movies

William and Allen

William Burroughs’ biography

A portfolio of photographs

William Burroughs on Thanksgiving

William Burroughs on Christmas

Each year we salute El Hombre Invisible and this year is no different. Previous birthday shout-outs from the Ginsberg blog here and here and here and here – and here

Happy 102nd (update – 105th)  birthday, William Burroughs!

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