Philip Glass – 2

Philip Glass’s birthday today – continuing from yesterday, a Philip Glass weekend.

PG: “I had met Allen Ginsberg many times after I returned from Paris and India in 1967. He, of course was close to William Burroughs, whom I knew from the Chappaqua film work when I was assisting Ravi Shankar. We had shared the stage quite a few times at music-poetry events and at the Nova Convention in 1979 in New York City, a celebration of Burroughs’ work. But we didn’t do any work together until 1988. It then happened that a theater group that emerged from the … Read More

Philip Glass – 1

We celebrate tomorrow the actual birthday of Philip Glass,  but here on the Ginsberg Project, a Philip Glass weekend.

Here’s Philip bringing in the New Year in New York earlier this month:

& from the memoirs, published in 2015:

“Some years later when my sister Sheppie’s husband, Morton Abramowitz was the Ambassador to Turkey, Allen Ginsberg came with me and some other friends on a tour of Greek theaters on the Ionian coast. I was interested in the acoustics and how they worked, so Allen would go on the stage and recite the famous W.B.Yeats poem “Sailing to Byzantium”. … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 253

Wait Till I’m Dead, the eagerly-awaited new Ginsberg book, is officially out next Tuesday (the UK edition, cover seen here, has a pub date of the 25th of February)

Here’s Rachel Zucker from the introduction

“When I first read Allen Ginsberg’s poems as a teenager, they worked on me like a gateway drug. Leading me deeper and deeper into a life of poetry, Ginsberg’s poetry woke me up and whet a poetic appetite I’ve spent years trying to satisfy. I saw the world differently after reading “Howl”“Kaddish”“Sunflower Sutra” and “America“. Language became clamorous and … Read More

Amnesiac Thirst For Fame

Amnesiac Thirst For Fame

An “autograph hound” armed

with a golden platter and a

gun kneeled before John and

killed the Beatles.

A stringy-haired artist

tiptoed thru St. Peter’s

and unsculpted


polished marble elbow with a


Christ defenseless lying in his

stone Mama’s arms

Staring out of the canvas

under their Feathered Hats

Rembrandt’s Night Watchers

were blind to the Slasher

that tore thru their coats with

a razor.

Did someone steal Mona

Lisa’s smile forever from

the Louvre?

Originally published in Rolling Stone magazine, January, 1981, though written a month before, around the time of John LennonRead More

“..A Mayden” & Blake Accentuated

More detailed technical analysis. As with an earlier posting this week, we suggest following along with the original audio available here, beginning at approximately 19:30 in and concluding at approximately around 32:00.

Student (JC): You could maybe talk a little bit about (William) Blake and your settings?

AG: Well, we’ve got a case here [“I Syng of A Mayden’], applying the same method here – “I sing of a maiden that is..” – “I syng of a mayden..” [Allen begins singing] – “I syng of a mayden that is makeles…(that is make-less, makeles) – … Read More

Zukofsky’s Music

[Louis Zukofsky (1904-1978)]

[Celia Zukofsky]

AG: I took part in a.. Louis Zukofsky was an Objectivist Imagist friend, poet, of (Ezra) Pound, (William Carlos) Williams (Pound and Williams), a great man from the (19)20s to the (19)70s, and, after he died, there was a memorial to him at the PEN Club in New York. So Robert Creeley and I and..Celia (Thaew), his wife, took part in a little symposium, and during this symposium, she explained the relation between his music and poetry.

Many… One book of his, called Autobiography, had been published, which had all … Read More

Louis Auchincloss

[Louis Auchincloss (1917-2010) at Dostoyevsky’s writing desk, Dostoyevsky House Museum, Leningrad, November 30, 1985 – Photograph by Allen Ginsberg – © The Estate of Allen Ginsberg]

Five years gone by now since the death of the mandarin lawyer-novelist-historian Louis Auchincloss (“New York lawyer, thoughtful high society belleletteriste biographer, aristocratic novelist, member of American Institute of Arts and Letters”). Auchincloss was among the company in 1985 in a PEN-sponsored delegation of American writers visiting the Soviet Union.

Here’s Philip Taubman’s contemporary account in the New York Times:

Moscow, December 2nd – A group of American writers left Moscow today … Read More

Ed Sanders’ Archive

[Ed Sanders and Janis Joplin, Fillmore East, New York City, Opening Night, 1968 – Photograph by Elliott Landy]

Our dear friends at Granary Books have currently on offer an extraordinary trove – the legendary Ed Sanders Archives.

“The archive contains approximately 354 boxes (primarily “bankers’ boxes”), 54 spring binders (exceeding 8,300 pages, 39 3-ring binders, 27 archival boxes of audio and video tapes, 7 filing cabinets, approximately 60 books, 21 shelf-feet of chronological and alphabetical files, 1 mimeograph machine, 11 electronic musical instruments (The Electronic Bard System), the Peace Eye Bookstore sign, and assorted other items.” “Over … Read More

“..A Mayden..” – Accentuated

I syng of a mayden
þat is makeles,kyng of alle kyngesto here sone che ches.
I sing of a maidenThat is matchless,King of all kingsFor her son she chose.
He came also stylle
þer his moder wasas dew in aprylle,þat fallyt on þe gras.
He came as stillWhere his mother wasAs dew in AprilThat falls on the grass.
He cam also stylle
to his moderes bowras dew in aprille,þat fallyt on þe flour.
He came as stillTo his mother’s bowerAs dew in AprilThat falls on the flower.
He cam also stylle
þer his moder layas dew in Aprille,þat fallyt on … Read More

Vintage Naropa Audio – John Ashbery and Dick Gallup, 1976

[ Allen Ginsberg , John Ashbery , Dick Gallup , Anne Waldman and Michael McClure at Naropa Institute , 1976]

Dick Gallup and John Ashbery , June 23, 1976

Another from the Naropa Archivesthis weekend – John Ashbery and Dick Gallup in June of 1976 (Allen does the introductions, noting that, in fact, Ashbery had already read there the previous year, giving a reading with W.S.Merwin). In this reading, he reads a selection of poems from his collection, Houseboat Days. Dick Gallup gives a rare reading (mostly from poems that would appear in his collection Above the Read More