Anne Waldman – Napalm Health Spa’s Celebration

Anne Waldman

Jim Cohn‘s remarkable Napalm Health Spa we’ve featured on The Allen Ginsberg Project  before (see, for example, here and here). Time to feature it once again, as the current issue has just appeared – a stunning, comprehensive (70th birthday) tribute to Anne Waldman

Anne’s birthday was this past April (April 2nd) – See The Allen Ginsberg Project’s salute to her here (and a shout-out here, here, here, and here for earlier birthday celebrations)

The 70th birthday festschrift (edited by Jim Cohn, Eleni Sikleanos and Lisa Birman)  features plenty more video (choice performances by Anne), as well as interviews (with Jim Cohn, Randy Roark and Marcella Durand); pages from her collaborative work, (Cry Stall Gaze with Pat Steir), Zhang Ziqing (& Ron Padgett!) on Anne in China and poems/memoirs/praise from a host of family and friends, including, Andy Clausen, Eliot Katz, Steven Taylor, Reed Bye, David Cope, Eileen Myles, Lewis Warsh, Bill Berkson, Joanne Kyger, Leslea Newman, Chris Tysh, Maureen Owen, Stacy Szymaszek, Rachel Blau DuPlessisNina Zivancevic, & many others

from the cover of Young Manhattan by Anne Waldman & Bill Berkson, one of the many texts featured in Anne Waldman – Keeping The World Safe For Poetry – Napalm Health Spa (2015)

Anne Waldman “in the late ’60s”, “part of footage shot and edited from 1966 to 1970 and then edited to completion over a two-year period ending in July 1982” – Photograph/still – courtesy Nathaniel Dorsky

Anne Waldman by Bobbie Louise Hawkins

Anne Waldman, May 26th, 2012, early evening, Boulder.- Photograph by Laird Hunt

Anne Waldman at People’s Climate March, NYC, September 2014. Photograph by No Land (Lauren)

“Anne Waldman, orator poet directress of Naropa Institute Poetics School at Jane Faigao‘s table, August 15, 1985, Robert Frank‘s The Americans under her wrist” – Photograph  (& caption) by Allen Ginsberg © The Estate of Allen Ginsberg

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