Peter Orlovsky – A Triple-X Reading, August 1980

Peter Orlovsky – A Triple-X reading.  

Peter Orlovsky (from a reading given at Naropa Institute, August 13, 1980), introduced by Allen Ginsberg  Listen to the audio here

Peter Orlovsky – A Triple-X reading.  (You have been warned)AG: ..The next reader, who will conclude the evening, is the ever-popular, Peter Orlovsky, sometime Instructor at Naropa Institute (he has conducted a workshop for the last few years), sometime Ambulance Attendant, Farmer & Nut-tree Planter, Silk-screen Handyman, House-Cleaner, Newsboy, Postal Clerk, discharged from the military after telling a government psychiatrist that – quote – “an army is an army against love” … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 245

 [Allen Ginsberg’s desk in his bedroom in New York, 437 East 12th Street , 1986 – Photograph by Dave Breithaupt]

Michael Schumacher’s  The Essential Ginsberg has not been getting the attention we had hoped for, so we were pleased to find this notice in Ralph magazine this week. That word “essential” isn’t used lightly. Buy this book!

And here‘s a “sneak preview” (from Harpers)  from the next Ginsberg book – “1/29/84” , one of the poems in Wait Till I’m Dead, a volume of uncollected poems that will be published by Grove-Atlantic this coming February.Meanwhile, out next … Read More

Oyez Press Kral Majales

Kral Majales – We’ve spotlighted several times before  (here, here and here)but today we wanted to spotlight the beautiful phallic 1965 Robert LaVigne-designed Oyez Press poster

And the Communists have nothing to offer but fat cheeks and eyeglasses andlying policemenand the Capitalists proffer Napalm and money in green suitcases to theNaked,and the Communists create heavy industry but the heart is also heavyand the beautiful engineers are all dead, the secret technicians conspire fortheir own glamourin the Future, in the Future, but now drink vodka and lament the SecurityForces,and the Capitalists drink gin and whiskey on airplanes
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Allen to Peter, 1961 (on Dissolution of Ego)

                           [Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky – Photograph by Robert Frank]

The Ginsberg-Orlovsky correspondence. Mindful that yesterday we provided you only with selected snippets. Here’s one uninterrupted letter from that voluminous correspondence (only a small segment of which was made available in Straight Hearts’ Delight – and only the Orlovsky side in Peter Orlovsky – A Life In Words.)  Here’s Allen writing from  ℅  U.S. Consul, Tangiers, Morocco, August 3rd, 1961, (to Peter in Athens)Dear Peter,Strange day yesterday, woke up depressed, thinking I am a … Read More

Queer Beat – 2 – (Straight Hearts’ Delight)

One of the great (sadly out-of-print)  Ginsberg titles (but something well worth hunting down) is the selection published in 1980 by Winston Leyland‘s pioneering Gay Sunshine Press Straight Hearts’ Delight – Love Poems and Selected Letters 1947-1980 by Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky.


 [Allen Ginsberg & Peter Orlovsky, 1963 – Photograph by Richard Avedon – c. The Richard Avedon Foundation]

Leyland in his introduction notes:  ” Three years ago [1977] I conceived the idea of publishing a “lovers handbook” by Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky. My intention was to include poems and letters by the two … Read More

Queer Beat -1

Gay Ginsberg. The poster’s a vintage one (1977) – a bearded Allen at Naropa – a benefit for Gay Liberation 

The significance of Allen in the Gay Liberation struggle need hardly be stressed, one of the real heroes, one of the acknowledged key LGBT pioneers. Here’s his plaque on the Castro (San Francisco)’s Rainbow Honor Walk

Here’s (again) that wonderful photo (with Peter Orlovsky) by Richard Avedon 





front cover of Evergreen Review, August 1970

But, of course, it wasn’t always like that – the endless benighted years before Stonewall (that Evergreen cover coming a … Read More

William Burroughs, 1989 – Part 2

William Burroughs audio (see yesterday) continuesWSB: Cambridge Mass 1938 – that was the year of the big hurricane – Kells Elvins and your reporter were writing a shipwreck story based on the sinking of the Titanic . The Titanic was supposed to be sink-proof. It was all divided up into segments, you know, so if you have a leak here, the other compartments will keep the thing afloat. But the iceberg just sliced right through all the compartments, like a can opener. The ship went down in three hours with twelve hundred passengers. The Captain went down with the ship on this … Read More

William Burroughs (1989 – Part 1)

[William S Burroughs – Photograph by Allen Ginsberg © The Estate of Allen Ginsberg]

Always a pleasure to feature William Burroughs here on the Ginsberg blog. Today, a reading from July 1989

– “Art Now – A Day of Contemporary Art” – “A William S Burroughs reading, compiled from a number of works”  – Burroughs covers topics from miracles and magic to the Titanic, narcotics, the supernatural and hospitals”. WSB: Yes, Brion (Gysin) always told me that an artist has to go around and flog his paintings like a rug-merchant. He’s got to show up at all of these … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 244

            [Howl & Other Poems – Allen Ginsberg – recent edition –  Mojo Publishing House, Taipei,Taiwan (2015)]

All this talk about Allen Ginsberg‘s ubiquity. “Did you know”, I said, “Did you know that there are Columbia students, Columbia undergraduate students, who don’t know who Allen Ginsberg is!”  (Betsy Ladyzhets, writing in Bwog, Columbia Student News)

[Steve Silberman, Allen Ginsberg and Marc Olmsted, San Jose, California, 1986
 – Photograph by Marc Geller]

Steve Silberman might also be considered ubiquitous these days. A wonderfully positive response to his new book on

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Lord Buckley



[Richard Buckley – Lord Buckley (1906-1960) – Photograph by Charles Campbell]

M’lords, m’ladies of the Royal Court” – Fifty-five years since the passing of the great Lord Buckley.  Just re-released by City Lights this year – what Buckley scholar, Oliver Trager has called, “this sacred artifact, this holy talisman” – Hiporama of the Classics – “First published in 1960, this new expanded edition contains, in addition to Buckley’s hip-semantic raps, a new foreward by Al Young and photographs by legendary music photographers, Jim MarshallJerry Stoll, and others”

Lord is a pretty good … Read More