Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 245


 [Allen Ginsberg’s desk in his bedroom in New York, 437 East 12th Street , 1986 – Photograph by Dave Breithaupt]

Michael Schumacher’s  The Essential Ginsberg has not been getting the attention we had hoped for, so we were pleased to find this notice in Ralph magazine this week. 
That word “essential” isn’t used lightly. Buy this book!

And here‘s a “sneak preview” (from Harpers)  from the next Ginsberg book – “1/29/84” , one of the poems in Wait Till I’m Dead, a volume of uncollected poems that will be published by Grove-Atlantic this coming February.

Meanwhile, out next week (pub. date November 25), this little collection, from Il Saggiatore – Diario Indiano 1963 – sections from the Indian Journals (the Jan 28, 1963 section) – translated by Leopoldo Carra and Monica Martignoni, with an introduction by Leopoldo Carra 

Who’s that dark Neanderthal ominous figure staring out from the back jacket?
 – Jon Gray/Gray 318′s cover-drawing

 Anne Waldman, speaking in New York last night. Read an interview with her – here 

                                                      [Anne Waldman and Allen Ginsberg]

John Giorno, earlier this week in Paris – see here  (and more about his show at the Palais de Tokyo – here)

John Pitcher‘s review in the Nashville Scene of Nashville Opera’s recent staging of the Ginsberg-Glass opera, Hydrogen Jukebox – “thought-provoking”..”skillfully staged”, “terrifically sung”.  You can read more about that here 

& the Eastman Opera Theatre in Rochester, New York, also recently mounted a production.  More information about that presentation here.  

Charleville, birthplace of Rimbaud – the town now boasts a brand new Rimbaud museum.
For notes on Allen’s 1982 visit to Charleville in the company of Simon Vinkenoog – see here

                                                      [Arthur Rimbaud (1854-1891) 

                                                            [Fork and Spoon belonging to Arthur Rimbaud – Photo by Patti Smith]

The Thai Allen Ginsberg? – Zakariya Amataya – “the Thai Allen Ginsberg”

David Amram‘s 85th birthday. Happy Birthday David! – Details of birthday celebrations (including a  free NYC birthday concert) here

We’re not sure about the soundtrack (Steppenwolf? The Pusher?) but Francesco Carlo Crespolti‘s illuminating Allen-in-Italy photos have been animated here (continuing attention to that beard hair!)

More Crispolti on Ginsberg images, from 1968 –  here and here 

                                                              [Allen Ginsberg – Photograph by Francesco Carlo Crispolti] 


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