Joey Ramone

Joey Ramone and Allen Ginsberg, 1992 – Photograph by Lynn Goldsmith

Lynn Goldsmiths charming picture of two icons – Joey Ramone and Allen Ginsberg furnishes the opportunity for us to, once again, sing the praises of that seminal rock band, The Ramones– and, once again point out that, old geezer tho’ he may have been, Allen Ginsberg Was A Punk Rocker. We’ve already recounted his engagement with the more intellectual wing with Joe Strummer and The Clash), but let’s not forget – how could we ever? – Joey


  1. The photo of two men who forever changed my conception of art … and that of future generations. Just great portrait

  2. Heroes! Thank you for this 🙂 I’m in UK so know of Ginsberg’s contact with The Clash…and Burrough’s too ……these Punks had to hail their counter-cultural heroes 🙂

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