Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 236

Steve Silberman gives a little of the back-story (in Our Allen) – “I was with Allen on this day when he got booed at Candlestick Park after throwing out the first pitch in a Giants game. When someone asked him if he was into baseball as a kid, he replied, “Are you kidding? I was a four-eyed sissy”.

Jack Kerouac, however…  Here’s our 2010 post on that. 

and a rare clipping – squatting, front-row in a singlet – (courtesy Paul Maher Jr.)

Here’s a picture of William S Burroughs…. oops, maybe not!

John Wieners celebrations in San Francisco last week (we drew your attention to them). Coming next month, celebrations in his home-town (Boston)  (Oct 21, make a note of it).
Meanwhile, don’t miss Nat Raha in The Critical Flame “A Queer Excess – The Supplication of John Wieners”  And here’s a page from one of John’s old notebooks – (Stars Seen In Person) – a list of stars

“Amid the crowd of Hare Krishnas,/and old man who looked like Allen Ginsberg..” – It wasn’t, of course, but exiled-in-America Pakistani poet, Hasan Mujtaba made a poem of it – see Sofian Khan‘s realization of that poem – here

Ed Dorn‘s posthumous poems, Derelict Air, reviewed by Patrick James Dunagan on The Rumpus

Aimee Anderson writes on Amy Newman’s “Feminist Take on…Howl” in the Huffington Post 


Ginsberg Project Award for most unappetizing (pandering) newspaper headline –  The Guardian, last week, introducing arts coverage – “Allen Ginsberg and a vandalised vagina – the week in art” 

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