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Well, guess who it was who was responsible for taking these ecstatic images of A.G, 1965, dancing for joy, in a London hotel-room?  – Bob Dylan!

Don Pennebaker‘s groundbreaking cinéma vérité Dylan documentary, Don’t Look Back is about to be re-released (this coming November – November 25) as a two-disc DVD set, as part of the authorative and respected Criterion Collection.

See all the information – here.

and Pennebaker’s use of a personally-converted sixteen-millimeter Auricon camera, to make it more mobile, to make hand-held shooting easier, was just one of the technical “secrets” (innovations) of the film.

Like Pennebaker handing the camera on this occasion to amateur cameraman, Bob.

You can see a few further glimpses of the Dylan footage here –

“You get a sense of the difficulty he had wielding the Auricon, which tends to want to arc up to the ceiling”

However, when it’s firm, secure, resting comfortably on your shoulder..

Photos Allen Ginsberg animated GIF

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