Q & A – 1 ( On Haiku Sequence)

Student: (You said that all haiku were flash, recognition, and comment, yes?)

AG: (Well, we were looking at the) texts and (the) theoretical ground in the background. I’m guessing that, though.. but, actually, for proof of the pudding, we’d have to go check back through all the classic haiku and see if they fitted that pattern at all, (that’s the only way we’d do it). My original thought was that it was, simply, just two images, as you remember – two images, completely separated, not joined by a moral, but joined by a …contrast..turns to his student) –  Chuck (Carroll)

Student (CC):  Yes (I asked somewhat) the same question (about sequence in classic haiku formulation) and we worked out one, as an example, that (speaks to something direct) and that is the red flower in the vase on the table – and we applied the flash-recognition-comment (procedure) as follows. So, I came up with something like this – “red flash/rose in a vase/a woman’s lipstick”

AG: Not very… not a terrific haiku, necessarily…

Student (CC):  No

AG: …but just an example of what..a thought was, (actually)

Student:  (Yes). The first is just the observation of the stimulating red, then the recognition of the flower, and then the association.

AG: Actually, to be more precise, it was one of those Australian…

Student: Hawaiian

AG: …giant flowers. Where’s it from?

Student: Red Hawaiian flowers

AG: It’s like a giant… the color of someone’s quite-red balls, but, you know, heart-shaped, and then it’s got a giant proboscis phallus thing sticking out of it, and it looks like it’s made of wax.

Student: Anthurium

AG: What is it?

Student: Anthurium

AG: Anthurium? Yeah, I think anthurium. You’ve seen them, I think. It’s so odd a flower that the first time you look at it, you’re not quite sure it’s a flower. But you do get that red phallic flash. That was the first thing we noticed. Because I came in and looked at it, and, not knowing what it was, then recognized it. And then the comment, “Wow, it looks like a prick!” or something. It was the order of the thought – actually, that was the order of thought-form – or – those were the forms that the thought went through. That was the sequence.

[Audio from the above can be heard here, beginning at approximately thirty-four-and-a-quarter minutes in and concluding at approximately thirty-seven minutes in]

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