Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 230

Yesterday was Diane Di Prima‘s 81st birthday.

Here’s the extraodinary class she gave last May (with Professor Steven Goodman) at the California Institute of Integral Studies – in two parts, here and here

Earlier Diane Di Prima birthday shout-outs on the Allen Ginsberg Project here, here, and here

Here‘s a two-part story on another prominent Italian-American – Lawrence Ferlinghetti here and here

and  an excerpt from his forthcoming book Writing Across The Landscape
(a further excerpt may be found – here)

& keeping the Italian theme, Gregory Corso’s Gasoline appears in a new edition in Italian

Here’s Fred Misurella and George de Stafano considering Gregory’s Italian-ness and reviewing The Whole Shot

Here’s Gregory on Italian tv (appearing approximately half-way through – he’s interviewed (he speaks in English), and reads (“The Whole Mess..Almost”), appearing in a sympathetic forum, (“Blitz” – un programma innovativo“), alongside the great and much-lamented Fabrizio de Andre)

Another wonderful piece of vintage footage on You Tube –  William S Burroughs and Alex Trocchi, in London in the early ‘Sixties, in a seemingly well-attended Project Sigma gathering – “I’d like to make a rather unpopular statement here…”
Burroughs suggests a true “underground” figure should consider dressing like him, straight, invisible, inconspicuous – Trocchi’s not buying it.

Jonah Raskin’s review of the Philip Whalen biography, Crowded By Beauty, appeared this week in the San Francisco Chronicle

Beat fetishists – check out these items  

and – (Beat exploitation corner) – oh, dear, oh dear !

Not to be perceived as a thanato-blog – but it (inevitably)  keeps happening – the “best minds” – (Lee Harwood last week) – keep fading away. Ken Irby’s passing to report on this week (he actually died eight days ago, but we omitted mention last week).

Ken Irby (1936-2014) – Photograph by Robert Amory from the 2005 exhibit, The Light of Others

The magisterial Collected Poems – The Intent On was expertly and lovingly compiled by Kyle Waugh and Cyrus Console  for  North Atlantic Books> in 2010. Kyle was also instrumental in the gathering (along with William J Harris) in 2014 of  a special feature for Jacket 

Invaluable are his readings on Pennsound (Lee Harwood is featured there too)

and Irby poems and commentary – here and here.   A chronology – here,

and a note from good friend,  Pierre Joris

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