Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 225


Sometime since we noted great Ginsberg parodies – Remember Yelp? and Tweet? – even “Peter LaBarbera” (!) – Filip Noterdaeme has taken it one stage further, not just revisiting ‘Howl” (the opening poem) but that entire book! – Growl and Other Poems will be published by Lit Fest Press in the Spring of 2016. Meanwhile, here’s the opening salvo – “Growl” (and Noterdaeme on the thinking behind it)

Gary Snyder in the current Newsweek
Robert Frank in this weekend’s The New York Times
Jonah Raskin‘s curt and-to-the-point interview with Lawrence Ferlinghetti published  in yesterday’s San Francisco Chronicle

More updates on previous Allen Ginsberg Project postings – see here for here
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More Ginsberg video footage. This is from Paris, 1990, three classics – William Blake‘s “..Tyger”, Allen’s “Father Death Blues” and “CIA Dope Calypso” – see here  


[Allen Ginsberg performing in Paris, 1990]


[Clark Coolidge]


[Thurston Moore at Naropa]

Clark Coolidge begins teaching Ginsberg at Naropa next week (as part of the Summer Writing Program)  – and, as Thurston Moore points out, he too – “My class will focus on Allen’s work vis a vis his recordings and his relationship and inspiration to recording artists ((Bob) Dylan, Patti (Smith) and all). Clark and I will join forces with our classes on the last day”

Clark Coolidge and Thurston Moore may be viewed in performance together – here


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