William Blake – Auguries of Innocence 2 (Bells Theorem)

[“Each outcry of the hunted hare/A fibre from the Brain does tear”  (William Blake) ]

Student: (…In the electronic universe, every living thing is connected to every other,       everything is connected, by a law or theorem..)  AG: Yeah, ok , well, but not..  because they’re connected.. Okay, but, so..  a sharp cry would precipitate a shock(ed) brainwave..
Student: (..every atom (would)…)
AG: Well, first of all, you said it – every atom..  Well, at least, every atom bumps into every other atom, sooner or later …  
Student: Instantaneously. AG: Instantaneously. 
AG: Does it really happen that way?
Student: ( (Within)  … Read More

William Blake’s Auguries of Innocence – 1

So (William) Blake has a series, like those two-line poems that we were doing, that verge on Vajrayana, that is to say, turning things inside out, taking … Read More

Gay Pride Weekend

Celebrating sexuality, coming out, and of course Marriage Equality on an extraordinarily euphoric Gay Pride Weekend! “Some situations are exuberant, like “Howl” or “Plutonian Ode”. Some situations are “Gee, I feel so good, I think I’ll write down what I see at this moment”. Some situations, I’m trying to locate what is my erotic imagination and write it down as a sample, like “Please Master”. You know, to locate my fantasy and put it down exactly, to see how far out I can go into my own mind, into the real fantasy inside, deep inside my mind

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Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 224


Beatnik Shindig this upcoming weekend. We spotlighted it last week but are reminding you again. The place to be right now – Fort Mason Center, San Francisco


Hot hot news – Allen Ginsberg ‘s recently-(re)discovered pro-Bernie Sanders poem “Burlington Snow”.  Here’s the hand-written poem courtesy the University of Vermont Library  (written in 1986, when Sanders, current Denocratic Party Presidential candidate, was that town’s colorful and controversial mayor)

Burlington Snow Socialist snow on the streets Socialist talk in the Maverick Bookstore Socialist kids sucking socialist lollipops Socialist poetry in Socialist mouths – aren’t the birds frozen Socialists? … Read More

Haiku and Desolation Angels



..tape begins in media res with Allen writing on the blackboard – “building on the ground, the film in.. (the) film crackling in plastic bags..under plastic bags in a breathing class” –  

(He continues reading his own short haiku-like poems)
Nagasaki Day– “Blue sky cumulus clouded  over the white plutonium plant /Rocky Flats mountains ridge west, Denver below in morning sun/ walking off with police and photographers”
Golden Court – “Waiting for the Judge, breathing silent/Prisoners, witnesses, Police/the stenographer yawns into her palms” – That’s the … Read More

Keats, Shakespeare and Kerouac (A Query)



[Jack Kerouac] 


John Keats


William Shakespeare

Student: Allen, wouldn’t you say that a lot of the British poems written in (the) English language (are, formally, tight)?

AG: Until this century, yes. ‘Tis is a craft, sir. To be able to…  (and) (let’s see you do this!). This (too) [Kerouac’s Mexico City Blues] is a craft – the craft of observation of mind. The discipline here is the discipline of observation of mind accurately – accurate, precise, observation of mind.
Student: But it sounds (initially, without a) sense of craft and, (clearly), it took a long time to get … Read More

Jack Kerouac and Kenneth Patchen

Student: Would you put down Kenneth Patchen’s  The Journal of Albion Midnight in that kind of [internalized subjective exploration] category?

AG:  I haven’t read it in so long, but I think that The Journal of Albion Moonlight does not quite have as much central focus point. See, this whole book (Kerouac’s Mexico City Blues) is about the mind and the language of the mind, the language that you hear in the mind. I don’t remember what the subject of.. Journal of Albion Moonlight was, but I have a feeling it was just quixotic thoughts, and quixotic, somewhat … Read More

Mexico City Blues – 7


[Gore Vidal]


[“Dem eggs & dem dem/Dere bacons”]

[“..be boppy/be buddy/I didn’t took/I could think/So/bepo/beboppy..”]


[William Carlos Williams]

AG: I’m just trying to check through the things (in Jack Kerouac’s Mexico City Blues) that are exemplary of pure poetry

“”Darling!”/Red hot,/That kind of camping/I don’t object to/unless it’s kept/within reason” – You got that? – “”Darling!”/Red hot,/That kind of camping/I don’t object to/unless it’s kept/within reason./ “The coffee is delicious.”/
This is for Vidal./ Didn’t know I was.a Come-Onner, did you? (Come-on-er)/ I am one of the world’s/Great Bullshitters,/Girls/  Very High Cantos.” – It’s whatever he thought. … Read More

Mexico City Blues Readings

In 1996, Shambhala Publications (for their Shambhala Lion Editions) produced a two-cassette audiobook (that ran for just under three hours) – Allen reading the entire Mexico City Blues. We’ve featured Allen reading from Mexico City Blues before (see this 1975 Naropa class –  and, as we mentioned there, by way of contrast, a later, 1988 Mexico City Blues class) Here‘s the first ten sections from the Shambhala recording             Here’s Gregory Corso reading from Mexico City Blues

Johnny Depp reading from Mexico City Blues

Kerouac himself reading 

and not forgetting this unforgettable Chorus – (211th Chorus – “The wheel Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 223


[Rosebud Feliu-Pettet (1946-2015) and Allen Ginsberg]

Rose “Rosebud” Feliu-Pettet a long-time friend of Allen’s, author of the definitive account of Allen’s passing,  passed away herself this week. She’d been suffering from a particularly virulent form of cancer, bile duct cancer. She was 69  For more of Rosebud on Allen – see here:  “Well, I met Allen a long time ago, about 1964,  I was living in this crazy dinky kind of collective called Kerista, a sort of benign Manson family [sic] . There were about eighteen people living in a store front on Ludlow Street … Read More