Meditation and Poetics – Haiku – 11 – (Haiku and The Gap of Space)

AG: (Haiku) …and the gap of space

Billowing clouds
An ant
climbs on to the ink stone

(The ink stone where he’s mixing his ink to make the painting of the billowing clouds) – “Billowing clouds -/An ant/climbs onto the ink stone”

A cow is lowing
in the cowshed
under the hazy moon

(That’s very similar to that (one earlier)… (tape ends and then restarts here)  …the lowing of the cow and the hazy moon).

Then, again, like the one of the firefly’s neck really is red in the daylight (“The firefly’s neck/in the daylight/is red” (Basho) [Hiru mireba kubisuji akaki  hotaru kana]
So other examples of minutely-perceived concord like that are:

of the dragonfly
The distant hills

(You have to look real close…)

Student: …if you can see that, right?

AG: That’s very good. It’s so totally opposite. The space – the gigantesque junp of mind-space is there, yet it’s absolutely literal – He probably did see the distant hills reflected in the eye of the dragonfly (like I really did see a snow mountain field through the transparent wings of a fly on the window pane). Can I have another? (that, incidentally, is Issa again – the (image) reflected in the eye of the dragonfly, the distant hills….

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