Meditation and Poetics – 67 -(Whitman – 10)

[Allen’s August 1978 Naropa lecture on Whitman’ s ” Song of Myself” continues here]
AG: Then he (Walt Whitman, in “Song of Myself”) goes into a section, in (section) seven, which is more and more close to (William Carlos) Williams’ sense of accommodating inquisitive mind – [Allen reads from Whitman’s “Song of Myself”] – “Has anybody supposed it lucky to be born?/I hasten to inform him or her it is just as lucky to die, and I know it./I pass death with the dying, and birth with the new-wash’d babe, and am not contain’d between
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Carl Solomon’s Birthday


Carl Solomon – dedicatee of “Howl” –  We recently posted a poetry-prose reading by him (from 1982)  and see also on the Allen Ginsberg Project our birthday salutes to Carl here and here.  Born in the Bronx on March 30 1928, he would have been eighty-seven years old today had he lived – thinking of you, Carl

[Carl Solomon – Photograph(s) by Allen Ginsberg  – c, The Estate of Allen Ginsberg]

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Remembering Jack Kerouac – 2

The 1982 memories of (Jack) Kerouac session at Naropa continues
(For the first part of this panel see yesterday)
Audio of these recollections can be found here

The transcript picks up at approximately twenty-seven-and-a-quarter minutes in, with a curiously subdued Peter Orlovsky

[Peter Orlovsky and Jack Kerouac=Photographs by Allen Ginsberg]

AG: Next will be Peter Orlovsky.
Gregory Corso: (And) what year for Peter?
AG: So that would be  probably around nineteen fifty…
Gregory Corso: … four
AG:  …four, Christmas, or fifty-five, maybe mid fifty-five.
Peter Orlovsky – July was it?
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Remembering Jack Kerouac – 1

Remembering Jack – 1 Allen Ginsberg, John Clellon Holmes, Gregory Corso and Edith Parker Kerouac

We’ve been featuring recently (here and here) some readings from the 1982 Naropa On The Road Conference celebrating Jack Kerouac. This weekend – a panel discussion. Allen explains:
“Our idea was to go through, each one tell how we first met (Jack) Kerouac, center on that, and then, if we have enough time, to go around again or combine it with one literary hit off of Kerouac” Participants are Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, Peter Orlovsky, Michael McClure, John Clellon Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 214


[Allen Ginsberg’s family – Hannah (Honey) Litzky, aunt; Leo Litzky, uncle; Abe Ginsberg, uncle; Anna Ginsberg, aunt; Louis Ginsberg, father; Eugene Brooks, brother; Allen Ginsberg, poet; Anne Brooks, niece; Peter Brooks, nephew; Connie Brooks, sister-in-law; Lyle Brooks, nephew; Eugene Brooks; Neal Brooks, nephew; Edith Brooks, stepmother, Louis Ginsberg, Paterson, New Jersey, May 3 1970, 1993 – Gelatin silber print 96 x 240 inches (243.8 x 609.6 cm) – edition of 3 – (c) The Richard Avedon Foundation – from the collection of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem]

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Gregory Corso’s Birthday

[photo: Chris Felver ca. 1980]


[photo:  Hank O’Neal, 1985]

[photo: Hank O’Neal, 1985]  

[photo: Francis Miller, 1959]


[photo: Allen Ginsberg, 1961]

[photo: Allen Ginsberg, 1961]

[photo: Pamela Hansen,1989]

[photo: Elsa Dorfman, 1973]

[photo: Gordon Ball, 1973]


[Photos by Allen Ginsberg]

Another Beat anniversary. Eighty-five years ago today, in New York City’s Greenwich Village (St Vincent’s Hospital) – the birth of (Nunzio) Gregory Corso.  Plenty of Gregory, if you search through the archives here at the Allen Ginsberg Project, starting with our 2011 posting (after his own book-title) – Happy Birthday of Death HereRead More

Meditation and Poetics – 66 – (Whitman 9)

Student: Allen, what does he (Whitman)  mean by “soul”?
AG: I wonder – What does he mean by “soul”. Well I think we have to read on more because he’s going to define it. And he changes the meaning, actually a number of times. so you can’t really…
Here is one suggestion, a little later on, from the Calamus section [of Leaves of Grass] (I’ve mentioned it before, but see how (it) relates to his celebrating his soul) – [Allen reads from Whitman] – “Are you the new person drawn toward me?/ To begin with, take warning, I am surely far
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Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s Birthday

“There’s always hope in love. Love and hate are viruses. Love can make a civilization bloom and hate can kill a civilization” – Lawrence Ferlinghetti is ninety-six years old today. Many happy returns of the day, Lawrence!

The quote comes from a revealing profile from San Francisco news station, KQED (including a must-see video portrait by Adam Grossberg – Ferlinghetti bemoans what’s happened to his home-town, San Francisco – and all over!)

“With Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s last breath, San Francisco will become a different city” ( San Francisco – A Map of Perceptions – Andrea Ponsi).

Previous Ferlinghetti birthday posts

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Meditation and Poetics – 65 – (Whitman 8)


Ginsberg on Whitman continues AG: I’m extending this discussion so far because, when considered this way, it does bring up the problem, then, (of), has he [Whitman] given up his self, or is he actually trying to find a way to fit himself in, without sacrificing self? He’s not giving up love at all, he’s not giving up his private parts. And from that point of view, there are a few poems that he wrote in old age that are, like, a funny commentary on this idealism. In “Sands at Seventy” (on page three-hundred-and-ninety-four of the Modern
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Joyce Johnson, Jan Kerouac, Ray Bremser, Corso & Orlovsky at the Kerouac Conference


[Jan Kerouac in 1989 – Photograph by Allen Ginsberg]


Last weekend, we featured Carl Solomon and Jack Micheline from the legendary 1982 Jack Kerouac Conference at Naropa, this weekend, another reading from that occasion, a reading dominated, perhaps, by the ever-feisty Gregory Corso, but featuring strong readings by Peter Orlovsky and Ray Bremser, and, most significantly, by two of the important women of the Beat Generation – Joyce Johnson and Jan Kerouac (Jack’s daughter) listen to this five-part group-reading –  here The audio begins with a series of public announcements (typically, Corso is heard, indiscreetly, both on and off … Read More