Meditation and Poetics – 48


AG: Peter (Orlovsky) and I went and spent a little time (two hours) with her (Georgia O’Keeffe). She gave us raspberry juice from her own garden. Local particulars. She was really proud of home-grown raspberry-juice, and she had enough raspberries (at the age of ninety-one)  that she could actually offer a gallon of raspberry-juice, which was terrific. It’s like that (William Carlos) Williams poem [“A Poem for Norman Macleod”] – “No bull” – You can do a lot with what’s around if you know what’s there” – I read that, didn’t I? – “The … Read More

Meditation and Poetics – 47 (Alfred Stieglitz)



AG: (Who here caught Reginald Ray‘s) presentation on Friday. Can you raise your hands? Raise your hands high. Okay, I won’t go  over it again, though I think he gave a very coherent intellectual outline of stages of Buddhist awareness and penetration of mind. If you can, borrow notes or check it out with some classmates. At this point, I want to (with a little last look back), wrap up the SamathaVipassanaHinayana area that we’ve been dwelling in so far – … Read More

Valentine’s Day

There are some posts on the Allen Ginsberg Project so fitting they deserve annual  re-publication, this is one of them. 

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Celebrating love today (‘the weight of the world’)  on the Allen Ginsberg Project

The weight of the world is love. Under the burden of solitude, under the burden of dissatisfaction
the weight, the weight we carry is love.
Who can deny? In dreams it touches the body, in thought constructs a miracle, in imagination anguishes till born in human– looks out of the heart burning with purity– for the burden of life is love,
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Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 208


[Lawrence Ferlighetti Interviews Allen Ginsberg in London in 1965 – William Shakespeare listens in – Photograph by John “Hoppy” Hopkins]

Notice (last week) of the passing  of London’s ubiquitous counter-cultural hero, John “Hoppy” Hopkins brings us to this little snippet of footage (from the BBC’s current affairs program, Panorama) – footage of a “Legalize Pot” rally (including archival footage of Allen) in 1967, in London’s Hyde Park. Despite the pompous commentary…

Speaking of marijuana, here’s Allen, in New York, on the picket line, pushing for legalization, two years before:  

[Allen Ginsberg – Photograph by Benedict J Read More

House Cleaning – (Classroom Announcements & An Assignment)

[Classroom announcements at Naropa, July 17, 1978] AG: For those of you who were not able to get the William Carlos Williams, will you?. Bobby Myers [Editorial note – Allen’s teaching assistant on this occasion] will place an order for The Collected Earlier Poems of William Carlos Williams. That’s the order (because it’s sold out at the Naropa Bookstore and I think it’s sold out at Back Country [Editorial note – the local Boulder bookstore, since closed]. If you want to order it, why don’t you put your name down on a piece of paper and Bobby will…  It

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Meditation and Poetics – 46

[Woodcutter Gazing at Waterfall (detail) – by Hokusai, ink and colour on paper scroll, (1798), in the Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts, Stanford, California – courtesy the Stanford University Museum of Art, California, Ikeda Collection]

Student: (Isn’t it true that, in certain novels, in certain prose, you can pick out sentences where the author is  just so perceptive and so..)

AG: Right, you can, you can, in a lot of good writers.  (Jack) Kerouac, particularly, who said details are the life of prose). But you can do it in (Charles) Dickens, you can do … Read More

Meditation and Poetics – 45

[Reginald Ray, on the invitation of Chogyam Trungpa, first full-time faculty member and chair of the Buddhist Studies (later Religious Studies) Department at Naropa Institute/University]

I’m going down with Tsultrim to Santa Fe this weekend, and we’ll be leaving Friday afternoon. For the Friday afternoon class, I’ve asked the Dean of Faculty, which is Reginald Ray, who specializes in teaching Vajrayana Buddhism to come and take my place and do the formal outline of the  structure of Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism, all in one lesson – sort of the main themes, the main transformations, the … Read More

Meditation and Poetics – 44 (Q & A)

[Lama Tsultrim Allione (Tsultrim Kloppenburg)]

AG: We were  doing some sitting. I wonder. We haven’t talked too much about it. I’ve sort of left it up to you to adapt. We did finally get some rugs to make it easier. If you want, you can bring in zafus (if you know what a zafu is – it’s a little round pillow that you can prop yourself under your butt and get a more solid seat) . If there’s any question about sitting, you can ask me sooner or later, or you can always go over to Naropa and check Read More

Neal Cassady Weekend (Cassady, the Writer)

Saturday Feb 7 – Neal Cassady‘s Birthday tomorrow. In celebration of Neal Cassady, we draw your attention to previous Cassady postings on the Allen Ginsberg Project here, here, here, and here In the context of the current focus on Cassady, the writer (as a result of the sudden re-emergence of the fabled Joan Anderson Letter) – here’s some brief selections from his prison letters (written to his wife, Carolyn)

  August 13, 1959 from San Quentin to Carolyn Cassady, Dearest Darling Wife: O Joy! what happiness! my heart sings to know you still care and are

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Friday Weekly Round-Up – 207


Tonight in New York City, a William S Burroughs 101 Birthday Celebration.

Last night in London they were celebrating

Meantime, in Denver, it’s the 6th Annual Neal Cassady Birthday Bash

& tomorrow, in Paterson, New Jersey, Feb. 7, 1 to 3 p.m, in the Paterson Hamilton Club Building, the 2014 Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards – the annual poetry reading and award ceremony hosted by the Passaic County Community College

[Allen Ginsberg – Photograph by John “Hoppy” Hopkins]

The above image of Allen was taken by the legendary figure of the ‘Sixties UK counter-culture, John “Hoppy” Hopkins. Here’s another of his

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