Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 208


[Lawrence Ferlinghetti Interviews Allen Ginsberg in London in 1965 – William Shakespeare listens in – Photograph by John “Hoppy” Hopkins]

Notice (last week) of the passing  of London’s ubiquitous counter-cultural hero, John “Hoppy” Hopkins brings us to this little snippet of footage (from the BBC’s current affairs program, Panorama)  footage of a “Legalize Pot” rally (including archival footage of Allen) in 1967, in London’s Hyde Park.
Despite the pompous commentary…

Speaking of marijuana, here’s Allen, in New York, on the picket line, pushing for legalization, two years before:  

[Allen Ginsberg – Photograph by Benedict J Fernandez]

Allen’s drug views (see our April 2011 posting here) have been getting a little more circulation recently. (The Paris Review recently reproducing the original of his important follow-up remarks to his 1967 interview (regarding psychedelics)).
See here:

MAPS continues to do important work. See also Michael Pollan’s piece – “The Trip Treatment” in the current(or at least, recent) New Yorker

Speaking of re-circulation, Ira Glass‘s highly popular US radio show, This American Life recycled the BBC’s 2014 William Burroughs documentary, “Burroughs at 100”, (ably and entertainingly) narrated by Iggy Pop. The show can be heard (uncensored) in its entirety here.

And speaking of drugs and of centennials, the recent Herbert Huncke Centennial event at San Francisco’s Beat Museum can now be viewed (likewise in its entirety – a little over ninety-minutes running-time, complete with the Q & A – don’t miss the extraordinary Laki Vazakas‘ footage, coming in at approximately fifty-minutes in – heck, don’t miss any of it!) –  here

And Bob Dylan – another “must-read”, (courtesy of the LA Times) –  the transcription of his MusiCares Person of the Year speech may be read here 

Amiri Baraka’s SOS (noted here last week) was reviewed in the New York Times –  not once, but twice! – read Dwight Garner’s review here and Claudia Rankine’s review here
Paul Vangelistis introduction to the book is available on-line here  

[Amiri Baraka (1934-2014)]

[Bob Kaufman (1925-1986)]

Noted in passing, Eileen Kaufman, the devoted widow of the great Bob Kaufman. John Geluardi, family friend, quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle – “Without Eileen Kaufman, there is no Bob Kaufman. It is most likely that he would not have been published and would have slipped into obscurity.”  John Geluardi’s touching memorial note (for the blog of the Beat Museum) – “Remembering Eileen Kaufman” may be accessed here 


[Allen Ginsberg, Harold Norse, Jack Hirschman, Michael McClure and Bob Kaufman, at the Cafe Trieste, North Beach, San Francisco, 1975 – Photograph by Diana Church]

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