Huncke by Ginsberg – A Herbert Huncke Portfolio

Herbert Huncke, photobooth, Times Square circa 1940. Ginsberg Collection

Above four photos: “Rare glimpse of storyteller Herbert E. Huncke, then strung out in his room Hotel Elite, N.E. corner of 8th Avenue & 51st Street diagonally opposite what was then Madison Square Garden. Saw him infrequently that season, Burroughs temporarily in town, found him mid-town to say goodbye on my way to Mexico, just before Christmas 1953. He fixed at that sink, Manhattan. (Ginsberg caption) Photos c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]}

Herbert Huncke,  William & Joan Burroughs’ farm near New Waverly, Texas, July 1947. Photo: c. Allen Ginsberg Estate

Allen Ginsberg, Herbert Huncke, and Peter Orlovsky. Cherry Valley, New York, 1968. Photo: Allen Ginsberg collection

Herbert E. Huncke – “New York, 1984, my kitchen, at the table, wry conversation – his new manuscript, Guilty of Everything, still to be edited” – later amended to “Herbert E Huncke – age 69 retired from the street on Methadone program, head tilted wise-eyed for wry conversation, about to say something charming, flattering or honest at the kitchen table New York March 1984. (Ginsberg caption) photo: c. Allen Ginsberg Estate

Herbert Huncke at Christine’s Restaurant, 1st Ave & 12th St, New York City, circa 1989. Photo: c. Allen Ginsberg Estate

Herbert Huncke, New York City, circa 1989. Photo c. Allen Ginsberg Estate

Peter Orlovsky, Gregory Corso, and Herbert Huncke, during a photo shoot by Timothy Greenfield Sanders for New York Magazine, February 1992 Photo: c. Allen Ginsberg Estate

One more Herbert Huncke salute. From the lens of Allen Ginsberg, a series of photographs of the Beat legend.


  1. Hello. I am a niece of Louis Cartwright. I understand that Louie wrote a book. I would like to read it. Do you have more information on my Uncle? Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Tamara, I wasn’t aware of Louis’ book. Herbert’s estate would definitely know. You can reach him via the Huncke Facebook page. If you find out, let me know. Be curious to hear about it myself.

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