Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 203

A New Year – the first of this year’s Friday Round-Ups, our regular weekly miscellany. A few weeks back, we featured one of Jay Blakesberg‘s extraordinary pictures of Allen. Here’s another.

William S Burroughs’ Centennial is officially over but we thought we’d sneak in one final Centennial report. – William Burroughs, le dernier humanist? (William Burroughs, the last humanist?) – the Anglophone gathering last month in Paris at École Normale Supérieure –Joseph Nechvatal at Hyperallergic provides a useful survey/overview of the proceedings.

Next week, (next Friday) it’s Herbert Huncke’s Centennial (check out this Centennial screening if you happen to be anywhere near Lowell, Mass.

Herbert Huncke (1915-1996) -Photograph by Allen Ginsberg c.Estate of Allen Ginsberg

Don’t miss Raymond Foye’s article in the current Brooklyn Rail on the legendary Rene Ricard (in fact, don’t miss the entire issue of The Brooklyn Rail

Rene Ricard (1946-2014) – Photograph by Allen Ginsberg -(c) The Estate of Allen Ginsberg – courtesy Raymond Foye

and speaking of magazines — the venerable English magazine, >Beat Scene< (issue number 75 just appeared. Here’s a glimpse of the cover – and more here

and..  not wishing to end with another “In Memoriam”, but, noting with sadness the passing, last month, of another of Allen’s friends

Remembering Milwaukee poet Jeff Poniewaz, poet and long-time companion of the poet Antler

Jeff Poniewaz, Antler and Allen Ginsberg – Photograph via Jennifer Turner

Looking over his 1986 volume, Dolphins Leaping in the Milky Way, Allen took time out to salute his “impassioned prescient ecological Whitmanesque/Thoreauvian verve and wit”

More on Jeff Poniewaz (via the wonderful Woodland Pattern) here

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