Happy Birthday Philp Glass

[“Jewel Heart Center, Ann Arbor Michigan, Philip Glass, Gelek Rinpoche & Allen Ginsberg, November 17, 1989″ – Photo inscribed “for Philip” by Allen Ginsberg]Philip Glass is 78 years old todayWords Without Music, his long-awaited memoir, will be published this Spring 

As a teaser, Philip Glass  is interviewed here, last January, by Marc Zisman for Qobuz, the French commercial music streaming and downloading service, on the occasion of  Le festival Nouveau Siècle de Saint-Étienne, organized jointly by l’Opéra Théâtre and the Museum of Modern Art 

Some previous Glass-on-the-Ginsberg-Project  here and  hereHappy Birthday, Philip!

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Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 206

Last week, we broke the news of Michael Schumacher‘s upcoming Ginsberg digest – The Essential Ginsberg, this week, more publication news – Publishers Weekly announced the upcoming “I Greet You at the Beginning of a Great Career, the selected correspondence between Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg, edited by Bill Morgan, due out from City Lights later in the year – “The majority of letters collected here have never before been published and they span the period from 1955 until Ginsberg’s death in 1997. Facsimilies and photographs enhance the collection, an evocative portrait of an inspiring and enduring … Read More

Meditation and Poetics – 39 (Reznikoff – 9)

   [Audio: March 21 1974 at SFSU (San Francisco State University – Charles Reznikoff reads a selection of his poetry (introduced by George Oppen) – in front of “a whole crowd of poets in San Francisco who knew something”] Our serialization of Allen Ginsberg’s (Summer of 1978) Naropa class on Charles Reznikoff continues here:AG: (So)  (Charles) Reznikoff starting down into the subway (on page 110, Volume 1)– (15) “In the street I have just left/the small leaves of the trees along the gutter/were steadfast/ in the blue heavens./Now the subway/express/picks up speed/and a wind/blows through the car/blows dust/on

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Meditation and Poetics – 38 (Reznikoff – 8)

Continuing with Charles Reznikoff   What I want to do, since we’ve got (a few) minutes, is some brief poems that he did in 1934“Jerusalem the Golden was published by the Objectivist Press from 10 West Thirty-Sixth Street, New York in 1934. The Press consisted of Reznikoff, George Oppen and Louis Zukofsky. It was an outgrowth of Zukofsky’s editorial work for the “Objectivist” number of Poetry (magazine) (February 1931) and An Objectivist Anthology published in France in 1931 by George and Mary Oppen under the imprint “Two Publishers””“The Objectivist Press is an organization of writers who are publishing their own work … Read More

Meditation and Poetics – 37 (Wales Visitation)


AG: I want to follow that up [that reading and discussion of Wordsworth’s “..Tintern Abbey”] with a poem of my own related to that, taking off from Wordsworth’s “Tintern Abbey”, approaching a similar problem, or taking a similar approach to the problem – in this case, how to deal with phantasms, thought-forms, furies, monsters, of an acid trip, in poetry.  First of all, how to deal with the problem of in that exalted, or high, state of acid … Read More

Meditation and Poetics – 36 (William Wordsworth)

  [Tintern Abbey – Gothic Cistercian Abbey Ruins on the River Wye in South Wales – immortalized in William    Wordsworth’s poem] [Poetry and Meditation – Allen Ginsberg (from the Summer of 1978, lecturing at Naropa (then Institute, now University) continues:](William Wordsworth). (That’s) a little earlier than Percy Bysshe Shelley. William Wordsworth’s “Lines  Composed A Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey On Revisiting the Banks of the (River) Wye During a Tour, July 13, 1798” – that’s, I guess, when Shelley was a kid. (William) Blake was just publishing “Songs of Innocence” (not “..Experience”). … Read More

Allen Ginsberg at Gemini G.E.L – 2

[ “Harry Smith’s Birthday Party” –  2-color lithograph and screen print –   32 1/4 x 24 1/2 – limited edition for Gemini G.E.L, Los Angeles, by Allen Ginsberg, 1998]

[“The Ballad of The Skeletons”  – 4-color screenprint – 29 7/8″ x 35 1/2″ -limited edition for Gemini G.E.L, Los Angeles. by Allen Ginsberg, 1998]from an interview with Steve Silberman, 1996  ..And (then)  a series of lithographs I did at the Gemini G.E.L – a great, very elegant printing establishment in Los Angeles. I was there in residence for about a month-and-a-half this year, and produced six images which they’ll make into … Read More

Allen Ginsberg at Gemini G.E.L – 1

Allen Ginsberg during his proofing session at Gemini--in the artist studio, July 24, 1996[Allen Ginsberg at Gemini G.E.L artists studio, Los Angeles, July 24, 1996 – Photograph by Sidney B Felsen]

Some weeks back we put up a post about Allen’s artistic hand with signed editions, with book inscriptions, but, as we noted there (or did we?), that was just the tip of the iceberg. In 1996 in the very last year of his life, in L.A., he became feverishly engaged, for a while, at Gemini G.E.L, Sidney Felsen and Sidney Grinstein‘s legendary artist’s lithograph workshop, and produced six extraordinary images (limited editions). Here are four of them … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 205

Allen Ginsberg, 1959. Photo: Joe Rosenthal / The Chronicle / ONLINE_YES[Allen Ginsberg in 1959 – Photograph by Joe Rosenthal for the San Francisco Chronicle]

“Baby-faced Allen Ginsberg revealed” is the headline. At the end of last year, staff archivist Steve Cooney went looking through the voluminous archives of the San Francisco Chronicle and came up with this shot (see above) from a series of photo-negatives that had been maintained but had never actually run in the paper – “I struck gold”, he declared. “The contrast between the cleanshaven Ginsberg with a full head of hair quite conservative in length and his more familiar rabbinical hippie image shined a light on the … Read More

Meditation and Poetics – 35 – Reznikoff 7

Doing this produced tremendous clouds of steam. Getting the towel half dry took forever.A young negro is bending over a pressing machine/ in the tailor’s shop on the corner/the white steam rising into his face” Well that’s, more or less, mostly, what I mean by something seen in a moment of inattention, or open-mindedness (that is, attention to what’s there, but inattention to… there’s no purpose, no purposeful attention, just open mind), something seen that within itself has elements of magic (the white steam rising into the negro’s face) but something that you would not necessarily be able to figure out is a poem until it recurred maybe several days later, or an … Read More